exam sucks

"Oh God oh God
help me help me
exam is near exam is near
its scaring me
time is less
work is to do more
 oh God oh God help me help me!"

Do you know Why exam make me feel sick? i was playing "call of the duty" in my own world , suddenly i remember oh shit! exam is from next month and now feeling like dwelling soul, am confused what to study how to study how to maintain the time table? I am so a un punctual boy! when ever I sit with a book then I think it would be better to read the another subject, and then when I open the another book, again I think I am wasting my time on this crap subject! awe! I don't know how to make stable my non stop mp3 mind :)
any clue? help please


  1. Love your subject that you are reading. But remember to allocate time for those that are awaiting your love. I mean the subjects ;).
    That's what you can do at this point of time.

  2. Modern Warfare 3? :P
    I'm a hardcore COD fan btw :)
    Exams do suck, mind you, but the only way to go about it is to not cram in as much info as you can but to perfect whatever you know :)
    Oh, and don't listen to music while studying, often you'd find that you're lost in the song rather than in the subject :)
    I loved the post :D :D

    If you could spare a few minutes, could you read a post of mine? And if you like it, give it a vote? I'd be really really grateful, every vote means a lot and makes a whole lotta difference :D


  3. @leo yup some how i sorted out time table,

  4. @story teller he he yes MODERN WARFARE! the game is awesome, it kills lots of time, whenever i sit to play i am lost!
    and thanks your worpres post in really impressive


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