now I understand that every single activity that a person wish to do in His life needs an inspiration and self interest, whether it may be profession, art, hobby, or any kind of activity.I am writing this from my personal experience.

Earlier when I started blogging I was in 10th grade I didn,t get it that what to write and how to write. I got no intrest nor had an experience of writing. I just use to copy article for other website and blogs and paste it in my blog , so my blog go banned.

Next I thought blog with porn content will get more visitors , so I started collecting porn stuffs from other porn site and made a new blog but this time my whole google account got banned :) Dnt know who the hell banned me like this LOL :) wel....

Finally I decided to created a new blog again but I not add any porn stuffs nor any copied items. I will write and add what ever I can whether it will be attractful or not. I am poor in english.I had create it but I was not getting any comments nor any like I was upset and loosing intrests again....

two months ago I had posted few lines for the  MasterChef India 2  contest and won a runner up prize wooo! when I got email about winning it I was surprised, becuase the line which I had wrote was not so attractfull , a lots of gramartical mistakes like in this article. I wrote those lines about TWO UNIQUE DISHES like not intrested in doing homework of school.

I was jumping when I read that Email.Well whatever the prize is, It is like an inspiration for me. I got more intrest in blogging, Now I try to write something new after every two or three days, though my contents are not attract full still I receive two or three comments on my every posts, which makes me smile eeee. thanks to INDIBLOGGER
I have a dream that I want to do something in this world of internet and blogging, but I don't know it will be realistic 
Thanks people for giving your time to read it. 


  1. keep blogging! where is your background /wallpaper from btw?

  2. Thanks, and I got this from blogger background images, you will get it in the transparent section. Is it looking nice?


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