Childhood memories at village

I wanted to write about my childhood memories a long ago but today I just can't wait to share it. thanks to Indiblogger for monthly contests. prize is not the matter, but is it increase our exitement to write, to share our feelings and it also it help us to improve our writing skill our intractive skill.

Fresh mango of orchid
Well I was born in Mahanad a small village in Hooghly , West Bengal.I had spent only for years of my life at my village.Wow it was my golden days of my life , a village in the lap of a peaceful nature.Although I dnt mean that It looks like kashmir or Goa , but its beauty was amazing that time, but now a lots of things has been changed and the beauty of my village is no more like before.

The view of sun rise
I miss  the view of  Rising sun between the leaves of palm trees, I miss to walk on the morning dew over the green grasses bare feeted, I miss the fishing on that small pond and many more .....i just miss my village.
We used to wake up early and begins the day with the view of th rising sun between the palm leaves.
green and green
I must tell you the I was the 1st boy from my village who was amited in english medium school and the school was 10 km away from my village. the bus stand was 1 km away form our house and mom use to c-off me upto there.The way to bus stand was between two ponds aah I enjoyed the fresh air from those two ponds every day , the slow breez from those ponds were amazing. When I come back to home my friends used to wait for me for fishing in the ponds. Can you imaginge I could have done fishing at the age of five?? ahh I  miss it a lot.
another view of sunshine
In the evenig we all grather together and play in that jungle which was full of wild grasses. we steals mangoes and guava from the orchids .

the dew on the leaves
Have you ever walked over the grass wet with dew? awesome na? ya every morning I was having an havit to walk barefooted over the wet grass with dew, when the dew touches the feet it just chills the body with relax.Till now whenever I see wet grass of park I walk on it.
The fresh air passing from paddy field, trees, and small plants has an insence purity. which you can't get in todays air.
the small pond where I used to do fishing
But now my life has been changed from the age of siz years.My mom dad shifted to different industrial cities where dad has been posted after every 4 years.I don't get those purity of the envirnment , beauty of the nature, now only artificial beauty can be found but it don't reflect those things whic you used to get twenty years back..

I will like to convey that if you want to enjoy purity of necter then you must visit some kind of village like this where every where is green and green,I miss my childhood,I miss the fishing, I miss my childhood friends, I miss the taste of dew....Sometime I pray to God to send me back to twenty years. I want to see my childhood again.My pink memories

 Two years before I had visited my village and got some photos.

a small pond can also reflect the beauty of evening.


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