Exams over! Party time begins

Exams over!! Hurrrrrrrraaay!!

Today we were having the last exam that is Informatics Practices, Finally a burden of tension is removed, no more tension about board exams, and offcourse today was the last day of our school life.
We all were smiling before the exam and keep smiling after the exam also.We completed the 3 hour paper in 1 and half hour. see how genius we are in computer  (I wish if we all had done well like this in rest of the subjects).

After coming out of exam hall we guys thought to do a little party we were five people but , we got only 60 Rs. after collecting from every one? Five people 60 RS. hmm what to buy? what to eat? and finally calculated 5*12=60 :) mean I have to spend 12 rs on each people, but what the hell we will eat in 12 rs? we got an Idea and drank MAZA the small pouch. Do you remember the ads "MAZA....HAR MAUSAM KA AAM" :)

Well! we are thinking exams are end now no more tension, have bang! bang! & bang! but its not like that we will be tension free for littlw few days actually from now on our real exams of our life will start, where to take admission, how will be the collage, what course I will choose, after choosing a course then again we will ask someone is this the perfect course for me, does this course value? what is the fee structure? where to stay in hostel or somehere, blah blah such type of tension will eatup our mind on the comming next few months,

An another pain we all are going to get is , after few months we all will splits up into different places , different colleges .May or may not we meet again together, we will not be having no more bunches of fun together like this. I will miss my school mates a lot these are all an important part of my childhood. Help us all GOD!!


Get set Go

mamma mamya! its MAZA time

me in thristy

Chilling party

Girls look here plz :)


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