Five things , I can't live without them

Everyone have addiction to something in his daily life, some addiction is beneficial in the treatment of depression,  killing of times, and some addiction enhance the skill of a person. and some addictions kill people.Please beware of those thing   , I have also mine I am addicted to many things but I don't know these are good or bad for me.I take my life as it goes.

First is my DIARY!! I call my diary betest than a best friend, I contains my each and every words of my heart, lots of memories, I write when ever I am in pain, I write what I can't express even to my best friend, I feel pleasure and relax by writing in my diary. Anyone who needs to know me better then read my diary.

My second most addiction is my guitar, though I can't play well , but I can play my feelings with it, I play my guitar When ever I feel lonely, when ever I am depressed.It kills my time as well as fill my loneliness.My guitar is my friend of loneliness.I love it and I love music.

The third addiction is my laptop. its common for today. the internet, facebook, blogging, games, watching bad movies :) blah blah I do with my laptop.Before going to bed I check facebook, and after just awaking in morning i check out facebook, this is how I begin my day everyday.

The forth one is my cellphone.I am addicted more in texting than talking over phone, though it is a cheap cellphone but It matter me most. I had meet accident twice, but still my habit of texting and walking on road did not changed, momma says "TUI KOKHONO SUDHRABI NA BAJAY CHALAY"

The fifth and most addiction is my sweetheart, I cannot live without hear I am addicted and totally crazy about her,well who is not crazy abbout his love? isn't it? . I wish our love will be living forever , always, I don't know which is the longer word. Bless us God!


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