My Indiblogger Prize

I am very thankful to you Indiblogger team, masterchef India 2, & star plus for this cute gift. I received the gift today and I jumped with joy when I saw its from Indiblogger,

Its a cute thermal Mug painted with master chef India logo, and a card which contain autograph of Kunal Kapoor, Ajay Chopra & Vikas Khanna .!!

Its my first gift of my life before this I had never won any prize nor took part in any competetion
When I got the courrier package my dad asked "Did you buy anything online? You wasting my money idiot"

"No papa! I won it!!!!

Dad thought something for few min! Then he told " My beta won something? What a surprise!"

Yes pappa! Accidently I won it! :)

Well whatever the prize is it don't matter, I won a prize it matter me the most. It inspire me to write ,when a day begin I start my day by thinking what will I write In my blog today! And incidently I always indeed get a topic. But I get hurt most when I watch that Today I have Got more than 100 page views today but not a single comment, i become sad, then I think may be I can't write well. You know a single comment makes me smile a lot,

Well I thanks Indiblogger again for such nice gift,I will keep blogging and improve my blog as well as my wriiting skills. Cheer!!


  1. Congratulations from everyone at IndiBlogger! :-) Keep blogging!

  2. Thank you sir, m glad to see your comment @Renie


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