The ten rupees

I don't know what I am trying to say by this article, even I don't know what I am writing for? I am just writing cronologically as my mind says.

I was just trying to steal Rs 10 from my dad's purse.Suddenly I starded thinking what the hell I am doing! I would rather ask him to give me Rs 10, but you know what when I was kid it was ok to ask every day for money but now I am a grown child it doesn't sense good to ask to my parents everyday for money obeiously they will feel iritated. But also stealing money from their purse is much wrong. 

Sometime I also think about to earn some pocket money too, but it isn't easy. Yes it will be easy if I teach some nursery and LKG & UKG kids. But I wander how people easily write on the web that "MAKE EASY MONEY ONLINE, MAKE MONEY WITHING 7 DAYS, TURN $10 INTO $10,000 IN 7 DAYS, EASY WAY TO MAKE MONEY" blah blah blah! but I think it is not easy as they write.
For me it take 5 or 6 days to grather Rs 100 from my mom & dad by making many excuse like buying of pen, buying of icecream, buing of cellphone credits etc etc but it take just a second to hand the note to a shoopkeeper and its gone.

You know what? money never stays with particular person, just hold a note of 100 on your hand , look at it and think for two or three minute. From where you have got this note? a currency note always have a lots of story behind it, may be story of a begger, may be story of a shopkeeper, may be story of a miliniory or may be story of your hard work to earn that 100 rupees. 

For a poor Rs 100 worth like a heaven it will feed their a single belly whole day, they earn that much by burning their blood into sweat , buring their skin in open hot sun.

Well, I didn't stole that 10 rupees from dad's purse today, I asked him simply and he gave me. isn't nice? 
Did you get what I wanted to say? if yes  then what? because I myself don't know . tell me plz


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