Want to be a child again?

Childhood is our best and golden part of our life. I always wonder how innocent and sweet the days were, when we didn't had to care about real world things that we care about right now.We had not to worry about anything, even we didn't knew what is life and what we are living for.

If I get a chance to get back to my those days I will cure all the mistakes I have did in mychildhood.To think of my childhood was my scape during pressured moments in life, wishing if only I could have a day to be a little again free from real responsiblity and lots of preassure. 

Well I think who does'nt want to be a child again?I am trying to recollect my childhood memories and how much I used to enjoy those younger  inocence days, I am missing all those tension free days,  Now days are jsut passing without much thing happening, as we grow old we realize our foolish things done in younger dats and how we could correct all those silly unwanted things if we are given one more chance to live life , but in reality we can't get back the life we have lived before, this idea comes out during desperate point in life, but then if we keep coming back from where we start, we hardly arrive or may be never. Life is a process as it is, even in our childhood we are not free from our worries and preassure, the thing is not much is expected to us but as we grow up responsiblity also grow up in number that make us feel preassure and worry,

 I am too small or my brain is not matured enough to say this, but I will say that is why in every challanges we need to learn from it, because next steps might be challange can be challanges. Life could never life without mistakes , mistakes is what that taste bitter but make us prepeared and aware about sweetest tomorrow.

I would like to again say , each moment have to be enjoyed as if it is our last as day once passed will not come back. Memories are the only thing which remain us with everytime and it is nice to recollect all our golden memories of past days when we are alone here.


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