I did a wrong work today. Feeling very sad.

Today in morning , I went to market without locking the main door I thought mom will lock it as she was working in kitchen but she forgot to lock it and I don’t know when a cat came iside the house. She was smelling so bad and her back left leg was full of wounds , I think she was bitten by Dogs.  I can’t look at that. She was not in the condition that I will put some medecines and bandage it, her leg was totaly badly sowllen and smelling like a decomposed body.  It is good for her to die rather than dying in such pain.
I was feeling sad for her, but mom was getting angry over me because the whole was smelling badly. Finally I thought to put her out of house inside the jungle. I put her on a plastic sheet carefully and took her to the jungle. I think she is dead yet. :-(.
I know she was trying to escape from dogs to save herself and to save herself from that pain of wounds, but we human being are selfish we just do what is benificial for us, and I did that selfishness instead of helping her. What if it was a human in the place of that cat, then there would have present a crowd to help him.  But today what I did I had to do, but I am feeling sorry because she is a living being.

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