A picture can say hundred words

love, painful love, the more you will hurt me the more i will love you, cute doll, cute love doll
The more you will hurt me, the more will I love you. 
Look at her eyes , what is she saying?  "I won't care how much you hurts me, I just care how much I love you, I see love in your rudeness , That's why the more you hurts me, the more I start loving you. But never hurt me more than I love you.

"The time will come when I'll be free from this heart you have on me
When you hurt me more than I love you
You'll pay for every time I've cried just as soon as I decide
That you've hurt me more than I love you
Maybe mine next heartache will be the final one
Cause maybe I won't love you when it's done
It may not take but one more pain just one more might make the change
If you hurt me more than I love you"

unity is strength, cats
Unity is strength 
I may be not a Human with a genius brain, I may not a giant animal , yes I am an animal , a pussy cat, but when we unite you can't beat us. Even the weak become strong when they are united  , then why don't we?

"There’s a proverb 
'United we stand divided we fall'
Ten’s sticks together unbreakable
Can be broken easily if given to all.

Wind easily blows the dust 
But cannot move the rock; 
Birds trapped in net, united, 
Along with net, flew the flock.

As well, If people are united
For valid and right cause, 
There can't be any reason
Their efforts will pause."
                                      by-- S.D. Tiwari


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