Started from L.K.G now in College. Life is too fast!

People say that time is too fast and it don’t wait for anyone, but I think time is at its place as where is it but life is too fast and too short than anything and everything in life passes so quick.
 Well now I am 20, but how I have passed these twenty years or 7,300 days I can’t remember, it is just like I started going to nursarry school and eventually I reached to college.
My childhood were full of nicess moments as well as I enjoyed it too, arround different part of this nation. My dad is in Central Force, so he use to get transferred to different places after every three years and hence me and my momma too has to go along with him, I enjoyed a lot staying at new and new places in a new enviornment , new people and new friends, but on the other hand it also affacted my studies,because it use to be really hard and tough time for me as a small kid to adjust myself in a new school with new friends and new education enviornment. And know what? I had to change five school since from L.K.G to class XII. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that, I have collection of some of my childhood stuffs as memories like my 1st identity card of L.KG. my 1st school bag , my 1st pencil box etc, When I see those stuffs I kinda feel like to go back into those days again.

I studied  L.K.G and U.K.G at Stepping Stone School, Panchgram,Helakandi (Assam),  then Class I and II at Mount Ascent Convent School, Pandua (West Bengal), then class III to IV at St. Michale Convent School , Pandaveswar (West Bengal), then class V at D.A.V Public School ECL Pandaveswar, after that class VI to X at D.A.V Public School , Kusunda, Dhanbad jharkhand, after that I completed my schooling life , I mean class XI and XII in commerce stream at Kendriya Vidyalaya RBNM Salboni, Midnapore West Bengal.  In  my matriculation I did have got 67% I was intrested in science but could not get because of my low marks, It was my bad time or my bad fortune whatever you say. This year I took admission at College for B.C.A   as I was always intrested in technical education related to computer and future plan is MCA then Mtech. I hope my dreams will be fulfilled soon.

Life gave me different challenges, taught me different real life facts from different incidents, childhood were those days when I had nothing to worry about now, today and tomorrow, only has to worry about homework of schools J I just use to enjoy those days with lots of love from momma and daddy that now I can’t do like that. Responsiblities and tensions are growing up along with my age, sometime I hate growing up and pray to God to “send me back to those days again and I will do my homework daily, I will be lovely and charming  to everyone ,I wanna restart my life in a new way”. But one thing I have learnt after getting out of school life is that life is not written on fortune , life is what you will make it.

1st identity card, school memories stuff
my identity card, when I was in L.K.G :)


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