Melbourne, the most livable place

For me going abroad is just like my another incomplete dreams , as I never went out except West Bengal, Jharkhand and Assam. But Still I dream to visit many places and I have a list of places that I want to visit.  But when the sound comes about “Melbourne” then my mind says “hmm… yuppi!” , because it is one of my favourite place in the list and if someday I get chance to get there , I can leave all my worries just to visit Melbourne, the capital city of Australia.
During the Royal periods, Melbourne once was the wealthiest  city in the world, Melbourne have lots of historical monuments and thousand of stories behind it and I want to see all these things in my real life , that I had read in books and seen in some movies. This city is surrounded with  natural beauty, beaches, business places, important historical monuments, museums,  and plesant oceanic weather.  Melbourne is the most liveable city in the world and have lots of things to learn and see from there.
Oops! I forgot to mentions the things and places that I want to see and do if someday I will visit Melbourne. Well here is the list.

1.       RAAF Museum
Raaf museum australia, Aircraft museum
The RAAF Meuseum  has the largest collection of memorabile and aircraft of world war 1 to Present day and some rich stories of Australian Royal Airforce and Australian flying Corps.  I am just too excited to see those aircrafts used in World War 1.

2.       Queen Victoria Market:
Queen victoria market, australia street market,
I heard that, Queen Victoria Market is just more than  shopping in Melbourne, it is also an Historical place, and vast place of trade and commerce spreading over two city blocks, where more than 1000 traders sell every daily need products  from fruits to each and everything. I will pick up some cheap stuffs from there. :)

3.       Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)
Melbourne stadium, cricket ground, cricket stadium, Melbourne cricket ground
I am always a cricket junkie and love to watches matches from stadium specially when the matches are in Eden Garden Kolkata, but Stadium like MCG is much exciting. It one of the oldest and beautifull cricket stadium of the world and hold many more games other than cricket.

4.       Yarra River
Yarra river bay, rivers in melbourne
The Yarra River is a most important attraction of Melbourne, I will love to see the sky line view through a boat.

5.       St. Patrick’s Cathedral:
St. Patrick's cathedral, beautiful building of Melbourne
It is an Cathedral Church of Roman Catholic Archliecese of Melbourne. It is one of the great and Beautiful building situated in the heart of Melbourne.It gives us the lovely example of early Melbourne Architecture.

6.       St. Paul Cathedral:
St. Paul Cathedral, old church of the world
It is an beautiful historic building in Melbourne, it was build in 1836. I love to see old Church because, they are so beautiful.

7.       City Circle Tram:
City circle tram, free tram service, australia
When travelling around the Melbourn city is free of cost, then why should I leave it? Yes, Melbourn City Circle Tram is free tram services from Australian Govt.  taking passengers down bustling streets.

8.       Japanese Garden, Melbourne:
landscape designing, japanese garden,
I don’t know much about this place, I hit Google with Keywords “Important Places in Melbourne” and I got this name. Well I found that, it is a landscaping project which design landscapes with different plants and other flora, for commercial purpose as well as for beautiful enviournment. As I am intrested in landscape photography , so the word “landscaping Project” attracted me.

9.       Melbourne Museum:
Melbourne meusum
Melbourne Museum is one of the well known award wining museum , which explores history, natural enviornment  to our different cultures. I wan to see some old skeltons of blue whale, diansoures and some unknown facts from there. Melbourne Meusume is a great place to learn about our natural enviornment.

10.    Royal Exhibition Building:
Royal exhibition center, australia, melbourne
Ah a great historic monuments again! , it is still used for some national and international exhibitions in Melbourne city. It was build in 1880 in grand royal style.

11.   Melbourne Beaches:
The fun time begins here.  Melbourne is sorrounded with number of  beaches, and its pleasant oceanic weather is great to enjoy in the bay. I would like to walk bare foot on the smooth sand , wet  feet on a new water, and will enjoy a great swimming there , and atlast I will capature the beautiful landmarks, sunrise from the skyline and the reflaction of blue water from ocean into my camera.

12.   Coffee at cafe :
When the matter comes about entertain, I wont step back from a cup of coffee, as I don’t feel  my day is complete without a cup of coffee. Well I heard that Melbourne sources the perfect cup of coffee by blending,  brewing, roasting, grinding and pouring the top quality of coffee beans. Open cafĂ© will be idle as I can watch the public from there. : )

13.   Early morning view of nature:
fresh morning air, fresh morning view
I don’t know where to do this, but I want to enjoy the freshnes of the nature early morning from some top places, kinda hills. It will make my day :)

14.   Night View of Melbourne
Melbourne, Night life, Melbourne night life

Who would not love to get a glimps of night view of such beautiful city? I want to roam arround the city and will watch its decorations of lights, busy peoples and much more….
There are more things to see there in Mlebourne , but these things and places mentioned above are my favourite and I will fullfill my these dreams if someday I will go there.

If you have such dreams like mine, then its your time to visit Melbourne NOW!  Follow the link , You will get complete information there.

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  1. Is the city really 'surrounded with wildlife'?
    What is a 'Royel period'?

    ...and lastly, why would you 'wannto roam arround the city'?

    Arvind Passey

    1. sorry sir few spelling mistakes, I didn't checked it earlier , thanks for reading this whole article. I have corrected it.
      Warm Regards :)


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