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On the recent survey  ,  about 90 percent of our nation’s women feel unsafe to travel alone in bus, train, metro, cab, auto etc , Even at broad daylight including school/college going girls, working women, and  home maker  excluding those who travel in private car with driver. There are couple of questions arises in my mind regarding Indian Systems, Indian Tradition and much more which are connected with this issue but let it go now, it would be discussed later.
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We often says that India is a male dominant country but it is not false that women are now at some  top positions and holding some top power in the nation, many of them are cabinet ministers, chief ministers at different states, chief of some political party and so on. But now will you still say that India is a male dominant country and every crime against women are happening because of this? I hope your answer would be to my side. If we flashback to some decades we see that women were never safe , it’s a country where goddess are worshiped but people see women with dirty view not only now but from ancient time .  We only get live feed and get to know about crimes and assaults around the nation because now media is developed but, at that time women were used face these too but there were no media or developed media to spread the news around. However  its not the point regarding the topic but I have added it.

Well… we always blame our government, police for every molests, assaults, murders etc and we demand justice from government. But I ask for whom do we want justice? For the victims or for the society or for our mentality which has been filled with a heap of dirt?  Let our government kill all those buggers who commits such disgusting act, so what?  The crime will stop? No, if one will quit then another one will begin, its our society which is filled with some dirty scraps , where somebody cleanse it and others keep throwing dirt in it. In most of the cases the culprits  mostly belongs to slums which lack of education, polite social behaviour and few other are prestigious person of society who feel proud of their power and status and think to do whatever they wish. 

Apart from molests , murder etc there are more violence things are done still now. Girl child are still being unwanted by many families, when a mother is pregnant they check the baby inside mother’s womb is a boy or girl and if they found its girl they kill her inside her mother’s womb or just after birth. She dies without any name, without any identity Why? Just Because she is a girl. Such an inhumanity.  And this is one of the strong reason of depleting sex ration at major part of this country.

Many boys try to find out girls’ contact number and when they succeed in finding they start to make prank calls, humiliating them with abusive messages, dirty words and much more and then they spread the contact numbers from once place to another, even I have found many boys have wrote  girls’ cell phone number at bus, train , and some public places , I don’t know why they do like this? If those bustards think that they can achieve the girls’ heart by doing like these then I am extremely sorry, they are wrong , more even their whole architecture of their mind is wrong. If someone want to achieve a girl’s heart, mind then be a real human being, be a real man. You need extreme courage and understanding to face it and to win someone’s heart.
You are born and brought into this beautiful world by a women, You love someone who is your world is a women, and you would have your child by a women, so, when women is always an important priority and important entity in everyone’s life, then why she always have to face violences? Why she will lead a life of fear? For what we call ourselves  humans?Yes we need soldiers inside every person not to fight at war, but to protect and respect every women.

She may be someone’s mother
She may be someone’s daughter,
She may be someone’s wife,
She may be someone’s dream,
and she may be someone’s life.
Feel her divinity in form of a mother
Feel her  blessings in form of a grandmother
Feel her care in form of a sister
Feel her warmth in form of a friend
Feel her faith , support in form of a lover
She is so sharing,
She is so melodious
She is so charming
She is a women

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