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Everything  surrounded around us is nature  except the man made amenities  even we are made up of nature itself. We have born in it, we use it for our survivals and after our death again our body gets dissolve in it.
Well… lets go back into those days where there we no electricity, no modern medicines, celling fans, air conditions , refrigerator, modern facilities and so on…People used to depend upon everything those were naturally available, there were no tablets and capsules so people used herbs and Ayurvedic  ideas to heal everything in a short period of time.
There were no electric oven and modern crockery , people use to cook on earth pots using coal and wood, foods were nicely cooked without losing much of nutrients. They did not have a comfortable life like now we have but they had a life with proper growth,  adequate life expectancy , great immune system.

But now a days we are in queue to make our life comfortable and quick, but adopting all the artificial things leaving away all the natural products we have around us.  well who doesn’t like to have a comfortable life...? Result is our growth and immune  system have became that much of weak that, for a single minor cut we have to consult  the doctor and without medic it’s not healing out.

What is Ayurvedic? It’s the ancient way of treating the disease using pure natural substances
 Cissus quadrangularis L
such as herbs and plants. It has no side effect and provide immune and metabolism. Ayurvedic has a great power, I remember during my childhood whenever I used to have cough and cold, my mom use to give me few drops of honey mixed with Tulshi leave’s juice and I use to feel much better within few hours.
When my uncle’s left hand got fractured due to an accident he didn’t went to any hospital or doctor. A man had good knowledge about herbs he used the 
Cissus quadrangularis plant(looks like cactus) on my uncle’s hand and the facture was healed within 15days.
When I was diagnosed with jaundice , an Ayurvedic doctor suggested me some herbs and I was feeling well after a week. What I mean to say is, in our daily life it is better to use natural products rather then process stuffs. Products which are naturally  available are free from side-effects

 Chemically processed medicines are good as they are quick but they stop the body’s own power to fight against the diseases. These days just after a birth of a baby,  he/she his survival is depended on processed foods , few of them are lucky who are feeds by mother’s mammary gland. Its said that processed foods and drinks contains every nutrients that are required  for baby’s growth but they are processed not natural, it can be given after couple of months but not right after birth.
Apart from these, as I said chemically processed medicines are quick effective and hence most of us has adopted it but for growing children it can be harmful. They are growing and their body organs are not that developed . To exclude out the unwanted chemicals their body has to face lots of pressure. If a child has fallen sick then, consult to doctor but be sure that those medicines should not be prescribed for a longer durations and after couple of days the intake of such medicines should be decrease

Childhood  is the base of entire life it’s the blooming time when nature gives the maximum strength to grow, build, rejoice and this is the time when she/he have the maximum ability to gain maximum of energy and growth.  Every person’s growth and development is based on his/her childhood development. The more he/she will be nourished in natural environment the more he/she will adequate toward stronger growth and immunization.
Also by implementing the traditional knowledge on children is very effective on their growth. We can also use ayurvedic products on them, it will be boon on children’s growth . Ayurvedic products are completely absorbable by a child’s body  , it enhance the immunity, provide extra support on their growth. Ayurvedic chawanprash is one of the vital ayurvedic source which provide daily essentials nutrients not only for you but for your whole family.
Apart from these, Children should have proper nutrition with balance diet, they should be given freshly homemade food and fresh fruits rather than processed foods. Proper exercise and most important is parents’ love.
We know, all of we want a quality stabilized life for that parents work hard , after a tough day at work place , people comes back to home with tired and weakness and rest of the time they spend on household works and when it’s the time to spend few hours with their children they feel so much of sleepy , indeed anyone  will feel tired and frustrate after spending a long day at work. But children needs parents’ attention, love and care.
And finally here are some notes for healthy growth of children.

Children should have proper sleep atlest 8 to 10 hours a day.

Adequate exercise to gain metabolism and flush out the toxics from body

Avoid processed foods for children.  Serve them freshly homemade balance diet foods.

Most important is parents’ love,  sort out some time from your busy schedule and spend them with your kids.

Decrease the intake of chemically processed medicines.

Give your child ayurvedic tonic/chawanprash with milk daily.

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