Natural tips to keep your skin healthy

This world has became impure and it is hard to believe anything that is pure and it badly effect our health and skin . People are addicted to artificial cosmetic products to make the skin look good but  they don’t know that they are the victims of adulteration . Our body is made up with nature and I believe in naturals methods and uses of natural amenities to keep the skin healthy as it is pure for sure and doesn’t have any side effects .  Here I am going to write about some natural tips and remedies to keep the skin healthy and looks good .

Honey , Lemon and water
Before workout at every morning , take a glass of water squeeze a half lemon in it and add a spoon of honey , stir to mix all these properly and then drink it.  I don’t think that there is any better way to start a day in energetic way with this method .  The lemon with flush the toxic substances out of your body  and the honey will give energy and radiant skin. Lemon also helps to keep the skin glow by putting out all the bad things from our skin. This is must to have home remedies at every morning .

Drink more water and workout
You should maintain a regular exercise for more than 15 minutes  , the more you sweat during workout the less you will feel dullness on your skin. Exercise keeps the metabolism of blood circulation more active which results in attractive glowing skin as well as fit body. You should drink more water as water keeps your skin and body hydrate and prevent the skin from losing its glow .You should also maintain proper diet with lots of green vegetables ,  because as well all know that green vegetables contains multivitamins and minerals which are very essentials for our skin.

Home made face scrub
In a bowl mix two spoon of fullers’ earth powder and two spoon of sandalwood powder add few drop of rose water and mix them well to make a paste . Apply this on your face and neck leave it for 15 minutes unless you feel a dryness . First apply little warm water to make it wet and rub your face in circular motion slowly and at the end wash the face properly with cold water . This is a very good home made natural facial remedy which open the pores by removing all the dead skin patches and It will also bring glow in your face as well as it will remove the oily effect from your skin.

Take the steam
Boil a glass of water and put the water in a pot which has a small opening , now you can see the vapor coming out from there  , just close your eyes and bring your face near the vapor and let it touch your skin . If you don’t have pot you can buy electric vaporizer . The steam of the water  cleans and open up the pores of your skin which help is oxidation , soft , radiant and young looking skin.

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