Honey Diet - A sweeter alternative

Summer reminds of sweat and dehydration and we become more prone to disease. Therefore it is necessary to maintain proper diet in order to stay healthy. Summer is also a great time to rejuvenate and refresh ourselves, it is also a great time when we tend more to eat something smoothie, delicious to feed our belly and tongue with pleasure and happiness.

In winter we eat and sleep a lot which results in weight gain but it doesn’t matter in winter because we can hide that by wearing extra-long, loose and thick sleeves but we cannot hide  in summer. Obviously weight gain is a nightmare for all of us and during this summer people do a lots of things to get ride out of weight gain. People do excessive workout to lose weight but excessive workout may lead to major body problems . They also try lots of medicines which results in bad side effects. And what is the horrible thing people do is crash diet to get into shape in short time. Because some people are fascination about the celebrity gossips on health that how they maintain a extraordinary health in such hectic schedule. It is kind of starving and minimal intake of nutrients which accompanied by a heavy loss and cost to health. But they do not understand the risk of crash dieting which can cause serious eating disorder anorexia and it can also damage the kidney and even it can cause heart attack.

So if you ask me what is the mantra to stay fit and healthy in summer by not compromising with the food? It is by in taking of complete balanced Diet. It is the intake of all the nutrients required by our body such as vitamins, minerals, carbohydrate, fat etc. in the required amount by not eating much as well as by not eating less.  The benefits and advantages of balanced diet are as follows:

Weight Control:
Balanced diet consists of nutrition which is balanced which is not less , nor much and which I enough to meet our body’s requirement hence there is no nightmare of weight gaining . It consists of food grains , vegetables, fruits and calorie less food which help to maintain the weight.

No side effects
 You eat only what your body needs which is completely natural process , you don’t have to starve , you don’t have to eat unwanted things .It strengthen your immune system and hence it has not bad effects on your health.

People spent thousands of bucks  to buy medicines, consult doctors and to buy weight losing machine but balanced diet is very inexpensive because it consist those normal food and grains which are commonly available in local markets .

Honey Diet a natural alternative of crash diet
If you are looking for an alternative of crash diet then Dabur Honey is the right answer. It is the rich source of energy  and other nutrients required by our body. It helps to flush out the toxic from body and keep the skin glowing .It helps in digestion better weight management and the most important advantage is honey helps to enhance the immune system of our body to protect from harmful disease.

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