Mantra of Interactive parenting

Let us forget for a moment that we are parents and remember those of our golden age when we used to be child. Then there were some situations when we wanted to say something to our parents but we could not share our words and problems properly with them because we fear our parents . At some moments as a child we must have realized that how hard it was to share anything with them, because we were not frank enough with each other. I am not saying that every of our parents were like this but most of our parents  leaded a instructive roles. We have grown up in a different age where life was simple, less competition and our parents instruction were everything for us , if they has told yes then it should be done by us and if they have told no then none of us had the courage to turn in into yes.

But now time has changed, it’s a new age and this present generation is growing up in an extremely complicated and competitive age where they faces many uncertain challenges in every path they want to lead.  Parents are the first option for every children when they faces any challenges or any situation in which they badly need the support of parents.

A instructive parenting raises rigid wall among the emotion between parents and children which becomes tough for parents to understand their child’s emotion properly. But in this present situation every parents should adopt interactive parenting rather than instructive. We need to create a bond of frankness, friendliness with our children by interacting with them as much as possible. We should play with them by making ourselves like small kids . Let them interact with each other so that they never step behind to say anything to us.  Let our instruction should be change into suggestion for them which will motivate and encourage them at any of the obstruction in front of them. We and our knowledge is not enough to become a perfect parent because there are lots of thing to learn from the kids, but to learn from the kids we have to became a kids again and this can only be possible when we play, interact ,laugh and curdle with our kids.

A good parenting doesn’t mean to grow up your child into a good human being but , good parenting means understand your kids, win their hearts , explore them the real world and let the good things blooms out those are present in them. 

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