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My phone rang up, its my friend Suresh!,

Suresh: Hey man what are you doing now?
Me: Nothing much bro, I am with sipra!
Suresh: Wow! But hey man listen! I have organized a cricket match with the Rohan’s club. I hope you will be there to play.
Me: Hell yes! Just wait few minutes I am on my way!

It’s the conversation between me and my friend when I was on a date and he had organized a cricket match. I was so crazy about cricket that I left that girl at the restaurant and went to play and the rest are history. Cricket is one of those interesting and addictive sport which has taken its place in the millions of heart worldwide. It compel us to bunk the college , take medical leave from work and honestly even sometime we need to move out to the tea stalls to watch cricket matches because as usual mothers and wives are fond of TV serials .  

The cricket has established a modern era after the origin of Indian Premier League (IPL) and similar T20 cricket tournaments. It has attracted more audiences from worldwide like never before because its’ team represents many Indian cities which encourages the audiences to support more to the team who represents their favorite cities.  But sometime it becomes tough to keep on eyes on the score board of the cricket matches because we cannot always have TV near us. Many apps are available to check the live scores but they doesn’t seems so helpful at different situations. Some apps need high speed internet connectivity and some apps need highly equipped smartphones and at this situation it becomes tough to carry on our favorite moment of joy.   

But as it is said that “if one door is closed there are hundreds of door are open” . UCWeb has brought the UC browser which has dedicated built in section for cricket, we can browse the internet as well as simultaneously we can watch the live cricket score from a single place.  The UC Browser has made my tasks easier, now I can chat on my favorite social networking sites , I can surf the websites and read my favorite blog seamlessly and at the same time and on the same screen I can use the UC Cricket to view live cricket scores commentaries ,videos, pictures , interviews as well as scores of many other sports.  One of the most important and attractive feature of UC Browser is it has data compression technology which utilize the minimal data to display the contents. It can save the data usage of more than 60% as well as it work perfectly on slower data connection.  Now I can stay connected to the game while not missing out on all the little things that make life worth while .

UC Browser is available for major platforms like Android, iOS, Symbian , Java, Windows phone as well as windows PC. To download and know more please visit   http://www.ucweb.com/   visit http://www.ucweb.com/English/UCbrowser/cricket.html to know more about UC Cricket.


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