Datsun Redigo the beauty

Who does not love car? Car has become a most important part of our daily life because we always cannot rely on public transports. I am fed-up with the buses, stuffed coaches of local trains seems like animals are being transported from one place to another and rules of metros where I cannot find any sigh of relief. I was rolling around my eyes by thinking of owning a car stopped over the grand poster of Dastun redi-GO . Dastun is the Japanese auto brand from Nissan who has recently represented the Dastun redi-GO which is really a beauty and especially for this modern generations. I am going to write some of its’ graceful features and I could not wait anymore to take a test drive.
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The touch of silver makes the exterior bold and smooth. It has high ground clearance of 185MM that will let to skip the encounters and obstacles on the way. It has daytime running lamps which let the people know that the redi-GO is coming and keeps everyone safe. Most importantly it has heightened stance which let us enjoy a wider view of the roads and surroundings. The iconic design of the headlamps differentiate the Dastun redi-GO from all others.

Do you know that Dastun redi-GO has the fuel economy of 25.17 KM/L.  Are you thinking how can it be possible in a car?  Yes the 799CC engine is powered by the intelligent spark automated technology which automatically adjust to the spark timing and response to the fuel and power requirement. It also has shift indicator which indicates the driver when to shift up and when to shift down which maximize the efficiency and performance.

The most important module of any car is the safety .Dastun redi-GO is all packed with Dastun Pro-Safe 7 which makes it safe, secure and reliable . It has the performance augmented brakes which makes the shortest braking distance. It has reinforced high strength crash protection shell which is tested under UN94 crash performance standard to absorb impact for the safety of passengers. The opti-view has the 36 degree lower and upper wider viewing angle which gives the good view of road and surroundings improves confidence and safety during driving. It also has energy absorbing steering and airbag which absorb impact force and protects the occupants. It also has superior suspension system supports with torsion beam with double pivot arms gives high stability, cornering and smooth performance even on bad roads .

The dashboard of Dastun redi-GO looks so modern and techie as the digital tachometer express the modern touch as well as the drive computer tells about the fuel economy and shift. The sporty fiber on the seats provides a classy look and feel so premium. Oh yes the Radio, CD,MP3, USB, Aux-in all in one audio system will rejoice the mood on the way. It has five manual speed control which let you control the power to unleash as per requirement for smooth riding. The superior air-conditioning system has large 89cc compressor with high cooling capacity has been optimized for Indian weather conditions that makes the car cool and make you feel fresh throughout the journey.
Well as I am new to driving and I would not mind to take a test drive at my hometown away from buzzing roads feel the power of Dastun redi-GO and ride in freedom.

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.


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