Sunday Journals #2

It’s been a great week so far, I had lots of fun, created some memories,  I had some new experience that I was willing to have. Two days ago I was waiting at bus stoppage to get a bus to college but I heard that the buses are running late due to the constructions of flyovers. To kill the time I brought a cup of ice cream, as I was just about to take bite and suddenly someone from behind grabbed my legs and asked “Dada 2 taka daba, kichu khabo” means “brother will you please give me Rs 2, I will eat something”
I looked at it, it was a small kid (girl). What will you eat with Rs. 2? You will get nothing. She replied me sweetly “Its hard for any person to give money to buy a meal, so I will go to some more person and when I will able to collect around Rs 20 , I will buy muri (puffed rice)”.
I was feeling very pity for that little girl, I did had extra Rs.30 but unfortunately I brought the ice-cream with it. So I gave that ice-cream to her and she jumped with joy and she started to walk away without taking any bite of it.  I screamed at her “Hey eat it up or else it will melt”
She replied me from other side of the road “ I have a small brother and mother, I will share it with them”. I felt like Wow man! She is so cheerful, she do not have any rudeness, she is happy with what she have got, we really need to learn something from them.

street kids photography, slum photography
that girl in left

Well it was a great week, I had my birthday few days ago and for the first time in my  life I celebrated it all my family in a traditional way. Sorry I did not had any photos to share as it was a great surprise for me and did not get a moment to click some pictures.  My life is changed now and now it is so simple and challenging which I have always wanted. I has been so busy with projects and studies that I could not find time to write articles for my blogs. Sometime all I want to escape from all these things and sit at the edge of some quite place where there is only me so that I can know myself better.

Meanwhile last week I tried to click some random pictures which caught my eyes.

rain photography, rain on window
"Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday"

boat sailing
a blissful early morning

sunset photo
the poetry of earth is never dead



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