well.... you know now a days i am so happy with my life, its just like a new starting,
Today it was my 1st day in KV school, I was so exited from yesterday to goto school, yesterday i had already meet some class mates, they took my introductions, thats why my nervousness has decreased,

we are only 7 students in our class,, all are so friendly , frank and fun loving, and i liked the teacher's also they are so funny.
due to last working day of this month today the school was over in half day, but really i have enjoyed a lot today the 1st day!!
o ya i forgot to write that on TEACHER,S DAY i got a duty in place of a teacher , he he lolz i am scared a little bit exited too, because i dont know what to do here on that thay he he helppp! :) :)

hello!! today is raksha bandhan! so wish you everyone hApPy RaKsHa BaNdHaN , as you know its a great indian festival, hmmm relationship is the essence of festivity, each occasion calls the family together for celebration,   RAKSHA BANDHAN is a festival of one such relation,  that is of brother and sister, this relationship is no where celebrated as in india, it is the celebration of the bond of love and affection between bro and sister, this day siblings pray for each others well being and happiness,
The word RAKSHA BANDHAN , gives the meaning of a bond of protection, on this day brothers make a promise to theirs sister to protect them from harms, troubles and sisters pray to God to protect their brothers,
on this day sisters tie the silk thread called rakhi on theirs brothers wrist and pray for wellbeing and brothers makes the promises
when brothers are not near , sisters send the rakhis to their brothers via courier,
in my life i dont have any siblings i am only one child, but i have a sister i can say in proudly, she lives in our town, she have proved it that not only by birth we can have relationship of bro and sister or any other relation, but by love and affection we can also have as our own, she is like my elder sister and loves me a lot lot, today my eyes got full of tears when i was tie ng the rakhis of my own, she has sent me these rakhis via post because i stay far from my home town, i wish every year in this occasion near her but i cant due to so much problem, i thanks to GOD for such a nice sister of mine, and thanks to my sister from my core of heart for her such love and care, i am always there for you dear,
this year i have received two rakhis, one has been sent by my sister and another one by her friend, she is also so nice the cute pie    :) :) :) love you dear sister
below some photos of those rakhis
from sangita di and rakhi di

from rakhi di

rakhi on my wrist 

well today i was watching the photos with my friends and remind me that day when i has climbed that cliff for the 1st time in my life, that day i was out with one of my friend, when we were returning back we saw a cliff , thats not actually a cliff , when the coal mines blast its ground to break the coal in pieces in between the coal some huge size of rocks they gets, so they dumps those rocks in a place and day after day due to lots of rocks its looks like a cliff, but it very dangerous , the rocks can slide down like mountain avalanches,
i told my friend that its not good to climb there but he insisted me to go, so i went, when i was climbing my full body was vibrating due to fear, and i was feeling like stars around my eyes due to my health weakness, when i was looking down ahhh my heart was beating so hardly DHAK DHAK! but i had enjoyed.

Hi!!! myself kajal, a simple fun loving boy, i came to this beautiful world on 9th MAY 1992 thanks to momma and daddy! i am from hoogly district its situated in west bengal in INDIA. from  childhood i am so mischievous but you cant get it , because i looks very innocent from outside he he :) , well i love to enjoy my life in every way , i likes to play  with my computer, gardening, travel and to hang out with friends, and ya i likes rain drops a lot  , i play in rain when the drops falls on my face i close my eyes and feel i am in heaven, i love to sing but unfortunately my voice is so odd type, i like open minded persons coz i can share every matter with them, and i likes to irritate my mom he he :)) coz when she gets angry with me i can see a lots of love behind her angry face, i have a best friend she is so good that i cant express here in words ,
well...from my childhood to yet my life is so beautiful, my parents has accompanied me in every way and every moment, my dad has a transfer job due to this i has been to a lots o places, thanks to my mom and dad who had made me to view such a beautiful world and life!
i am little bit shy type he he :) , i am little bit moody too, when my mood is good then everything goes fair with me, but when my moods moods goes off i comes out of my mind and i goes crazy , not even think before what i gonna do,
i am a single child to my parents so am beloved to them, but sometimes i feel lonely without no brother and sister, but i have a sister she is not my own but she never lets me think of that, she loves me a lot i am so thankful to her...
apart from these sometimes i feel i am so bad sometime i hate myself because i had did so many bad and hateful work in my life,
i am so complicated but i am an open book if you will read me from heart, i like to help other , if people dont like me then i dont blame them, but i blame myself that perhaps i am not a good like them, every times i fall on my way , i gets a new lesson which helps me to lead the way of life ahead,

i got so much pain once when one of my friend broke the friendship with me, it was due to misunderstanding but why she broke the friendship i dont know, i got so much pain that i cant forget it ever, it was definitely my mistakes, till now when i remember those days my eyes fills with tears,  still now i have love in my heart for her. due to this i scare to do friendship with people because now i cant handle those pain anymore.
well i got some bad habits in this age but i think its not good in this teen age, so i am trying to avoid them...

hmm still i am single but with experience by watching other,, well in love and friendship i think its important to think before what we gonna say to our partner , if misunderstanding has been occurred then we need to make understand each other, and the most important things is to forgive, if you cant forgive anyone you will not get forgive by him/her at your chance, and we need to think for the happiness of our partner more than ourself , you may be single person to this world but be the one that for your partner you are the whole world where he/she see his./her happiness ....

well now i am studying in class 11th at KV school BRBNML salboni,    now a days my life is different than before, its painful but it doesn't matter to me, coz now a days i am habitual of it, i just smile in every moment of my life and think myself to be the happiest person of this world, and waiting for the lovely person who can understand me...life is just passing good. i dont like to dream and hope because in my life dreams never gets true, i live in what i am doing now, and what i have to do in the day coming ahead seriously, and searching more courage to face the day ahead.......hope to write more.....plz add comment that you felt good or bad