aww today i received my 1st debit card with my own name printed on it feeling so good, basically i uses dad's debit card , but now i have my own, i got it from 6VIA membership, its a affiliate marketing company which pay its customer for referring the people , well this payoneer debit card dont need any bank account to withdraw , without bank account i can with the money in ,local currency anywhere where mastercard is accepted 
In india today is celebrated as teacher's day i mean 5th September every year, it is the festival to tribute  the contribution of the  contribution of the teachers to the society. Actually 5th September  is the birth day of Dr. SARVAPALLI  RADHAKRISHNAN  who was a great followers of education, scholar , president of india, once his student insisted him to allow them on 5th September to celebrate his birthday, then Dr. radhakrishnan  told them , " if you want to celebrate my birthday , then it will be my proud if you observe 5th September as TEACHER,S DAY" this shows the love he has for the teachers.
well today in our school we also have celebrated this day with full of exiting programs and cultures such as dance, song, drama, speech etc etc blah blah.........  and yes the most excitement things is that we the senior students are made as teachers in place of the real teachers, it means we senior students had taken the all the responsibilities of all the teachers and we were the teachers for today only and we had teached the students from grade 1 to grade 8, 

hmmmmm.... i got the place of Mrs. poonam , she is a hindi techer, and i am too weak in hindi subject, oh God i was damn nervous, on the 1st and 2nd period i was having duty in class 3A, ahh the mischievous kids really made me crazy! someone was fighting with each other ,   someone was asking :sir may i eat my breakfast now? i said the yes so they will be busy in eating and will be keep quite , this way i passed the 2 period , thanks God! :) now 3 4 5th period these kids were little older than the previous kids coz they were of class 4 and 5, ahh these kids really drive me to crazy lolzzz, i will never become a teacher, its so hard ya! i know teaching is the most toughest work, you can say teachers  are the factory where the human beings are transformed to a perfect human being , today it was my 1st day in my life as a teacher and i got to know the value of teachers really worth-full!
A cute gift from the school

the kids

busy with carom 

me the fool! lolz!! :)

our class mates and senior