ahh a sweet , fun and memorable day was today....
yesterday when i heard that our class mates are going to have picnic then i was also exited to join, last night i slept too late around 3:am , and i woke up so late, and hurriedly went to the picnic spot, from 8:oo am to 3::00 pm we enjoyed a lot, we are around 17 guys, had lots of fun , pranks,
and yes me and one of my friend got saved from meeting a dangerous accident with bike, he was learning to ride bike with little high speed, as a turning came he was confused to take break and went across the road , when we were about to fall into gutter he took the brake and got saved, we got only minor injury only, thanks god,

heyz guys whats up? first of all sorry, because from so many days i have not wrote anything,
you know our half yearly exam is going on and i am going to examination hall like a fool without studying anything , dont know what gonna happen to my half yearly report...
well these days i am enjoying little bit, rather than studies am busy with something else.
and yes yes yes yes i got a new friend, her name is "dolon" she is so cute , sweet and friendly and we became so close and we are deciding to get committed but i am confused that what to do? but this is our newbie friendship , shall we grow our relation more stronger ? or shall we commit now? so confused............ya

but one good things for me is that, now a days am not feeling so depressed like before.... enjoying my life , but even now sometimes when i remember those moments i starts to feel depressed again :( :( well keep reading