HI guys......the year 2010 gonna be end...mine days of this year were mostly awesome and memorable, and even i got lots of hurts but it doesn't matter to me, a lots a event and things happened in my life this year and and changed my lifeline, i can assume is as a new beginning of my life...
well this year i got admission in a new school, got some new friends, i meet my love, this is one of the most precious things i got in this year. one of the hurting matter is that, one of my best friend broke the friendship with me, it was due to my wrong, now i dont want to do this mistake again, but the space of my heart is always open for her friendship i will never forget her till the last breath of my life...well i hope the days of you guys were awesome too!!
well about my newbie love life, the girl completely changed me, and filled happiness in every bit of my life, am so thankful for her...i am so happy...
****now lets see , how the coming year 2011 gonna be, i hope a great successful and enjoyable the year coming****
^^life is too short, live like that you feel and get the life in every bit^^
*********************************cheer guys**************************************