When I was little kid I always  wished  to God that Oh God, when you will grow me up?I am too young, (!!--sorry again for my poor english--!!)
Oh God when this class will be over and when today will be end and another day will begin, 
oh God when I will grow up like my father and then will be no burden of studies.
Well I was not knowing the day in which we are living today is more precious than the coming day of tomorrow because we are going to loose one day from our life. Yes tomorrow brings us new hope, new shine  new deed for our life but I prefer more on today than tomorrow and yesterday. Today will give use the path for tomorrow and it will give us the chance for rectification of yesterday so that we can lead a rectified tomorrow.

What I meant to say that days, weeks , months and finally years passing on but I am not gaining anything.
WELL I tried to live the live as in every second i can find life, but this year also I have lost so many things and also got so many things, i will say this the year 2011 year stood good for me, a lot of glorious moments with my friends my family and my love is attached with 2011. The most memories is this year I had a great time with my mom and dad, may be from after few months could not be able to spend such moments with my parents because I have to stay out of my town for higher studies.
I had a bunches of fun with friends at party at schools and many more.I will miss all these.
I will miss you 2011 forever :(

♥ ♥ ♥ MERRY CHRISTMAS to Everyone ♥ ♥ ♥

The word Christmas It is an old English word that means "Christ's Mass" which refers to the celebration of the Lord's Supper, i.e. the Mass. The earliest occurrence of  the word on record is 1038 A.D. Christians at this time considered the Mass (Lord's Supper) to be the most important part of the celebration of  Christ's birth, hence it came to be called Christmas.
Source of information:- www.orlutheran.com 

well from childhood when I got some understandablity around when I was 5, I always use to hear its Christmas Day its holiday today I see people use to cut and eat the cakes , so I had assumed that Christmas means eating cake. 
When I grew up around 12, I got to know this day is celebrated in occasion of Jesus Christ 's birthday. From then on every night of 25 December I goes to Church a light a candle till now.
Now every year in this time I eagerly wait for the visit of Santa Clause at our township,He brings so pleasant gift for us an I loves it at all. 
Me and my friends gang enjoy this day with full dose of fun. I wish May God bless you all and once again MERRY CHRISTMAS, Celebrate this day with love♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥ peace and care. 
Yesterday at the examination hall my friend told me that today is his birthday and he invited all of our friend group to come and have fun at the evening. But I forgot, at evening I was buying some vegetables at the shopping arcade there I saw my friends they were purchasing gifts for him, awww my eyes glimpse by seeing those cute gift, Then I remind that Oh I have to go there also for party and I contributed only 30 Rupees on the gift. (I am Little miser lol :D ).
Then I  changed my stuffs and went to the party, there we had bunch of unlimited fun.The cake we had buy for him was too small like pan cake, and lol know what? we decorate that cake with gems chocolate he he. not only this, after this we diged a perk chocolate inside the cake!! OH! now its looking nice because no more its looking like small cake. Finally the cake was looking like dozens of candy over single piece of cake! cool na! here is the pic of cake below.

  Actually we were doing these for just to have some fun. And next look at the knife through which he had cut the cake. Were not having our own cake so were borrowed one from the hotel a vegetable cutting knife and it was looking like more than knife like sword he he. look at this

In gifts we gifted him many funny gifts like shaving kit, shaving cream because in future that boy will grew up and he must be need to....... (lol! understand the deep meaning behind it :) ). well among the gifts we have gifted, i loved only one gifts that was so cute, that's it below

look below he was cutting the cake with that knife :)

and finally the time came to feed our belly :)

May be this is the last party that we all have attend together, because after four months after final board examinations we all have to leave this school where we are studying together. then everyone will be in different direction for different career of life.may or may not we will meet again to have such type of fun again.Sometime I pray to God that, Oh God make me again a small kid again i wanna restart my life with such sweet moments again. Now I understand why childhood is the best part of our life, After all friendship rockz!
Readers must add comment for this post. and sorry for my poor English again. thanks

thats me

Just completed the revision of Issue of share and debenture. our next exam is Accountancy on 13th december.
I was thinking about my past, what I have done before. My Mom and Dad are unhappy with that, they lost their faith over me, i had hurt them a lot i know, because of my past!
Now the only things that I can do to make them a little smile is by obtaining good marks in final board examinations.This will not remove their pain that I had put on them, but at least it can bring a single smile on their face, that will be worth a tremendous to me.I hope this much I can do for them.

"Mom and Dad I know I am not a good boy to yours, as much I know myself I am not so bad but what i have done that is bad, but I will try to  be good to you"
Lets see can I do this much for them or not, otherwise I will be feeling like to kill myself,. 
Our 1st pre board exam started from today , Economics was the 1st exam, now more four exam I have to face :( can you tell who introduced the concept of exam? i will kill him/her.
well I had attend the questions of only 70 marks and in hope that I will get about 60, now lets see how much I will get. Actually I don't understand a single word in economics,I just hate this subject don't know why? I just mug up the lines of this book. Well next exam is accountancy and its preparation is good enough.
dav ecl pandaveswar

I was cleaning some old files suddenly I my eyes went to this photo beneath some scrap papers, Oh it filled my eyes. It is the photo when I was studying in class (V) at DAV PUBLIC SCHOOL ECL PANDAVESWAR.
I studied there only one year on the year 2003 and had to leave that school due to transfer of my dad. I had got a nice place, nice school nice enviornment there also my nice nice friends. When I leaved I lost everything from there.at that time I was kid only and It was so difficult to shift specially mentaly to another school which really distructed my studies.
 Those days were truly so memorable so charming, we were little kids a really golden memories of school days.Oh God please send me back to those days again for once :(  

Anyone if you have any photos of this school , if you like you can mail me to kumarkajal6@gmail.com
I am so happy because today is our love anniversary! it is our 1st anniversary. I had proposed to Dolon on 22nd November 2010 and she respond me on 23rd November 2010.  Thanks to God for gifting me such a lovable, daring, caretaker person to my life.and special thanks to my sweetheart DOLON
                                                i have no words to describe about dolon, what ever i would say , that will still be less.I was not having any hope for life, i was like a hopeless soul, I was like sinking in shadow, she came into my like just like a sudden thunder in a dark forest and lighten the whole forest. same came into my life and glowed my life.
"Dolon you have give me new world, a new hope, a new desire to live, you maked me learn to love and realized me what is love a new life to live and dream, you have given me more than love which worth more than anything in this world! I love you DOLON"
I am so lucky to have her as my everything. I am staying far apart from her but my soul always thinks about her like crazy!  Please God! i wanna be with her till the last breath of my life, never get her away from me, Please! 
"Oh God oh God
help me help me
exam is near exam is near
its scaring me
time is less
work is to do more
 oh God oh God help me help me!"

Do you know Why exam make me feel sick? i was playing "call of the duty" in my own world , suddenly i remember oh shit! exam is from next month and now feeling like dwelling soul, am confused what to study how to study how to maintain the time table? I am so a un punctual boy! when ever I sit with a book then I think it would be better to read the another subject, and then when I open the another book, again I think I am wasting my time on this crap subject! awe! I don't know how to make stable my non stop mp3 mind :)
any clue? help please
hi everyone? how is my little photos? I don't have any special camera, i took these with my cellphone Samsung champ 1.3 mp camera

The purple flower

O God send me back to those days again!

purple sky

water tank of our campus looks stunning at night

do love always win?

a new ray of sun gives me a new hope to live

Myself  a simple boy from a small village salboni (west Bengal). I like the tv show master chef India contest. Due to the burden of board examination I can’t watch the show daily.my English is so poor, but please try to understand.
Well I don’t know much about the foods because in this small village people generally don’t have much idea about special food, here kheer, monglai paratha,coconut sweets,puri , fish curry etc mean special dishes to we people which in generally use cook in festivals.  Me myself have not tasted more than pizza.
Well  Its on 26th January of last year , we were having a party at my friend’s house,  there I had tasted custard pie with fruits for the 1st time.  It was so yummy! that I had ever tasted,
& second its on teacher’s day, we saved some money after the teacher’s day party and we thought do eat something with the money and planned to buy KAJU. Then the girls of our class cooked “kaju curry” that I had tasted for the 1st time in my life. These are the only 2 dishes which were unique for me.
Thanking all

What I am?
Hey everyone! Its been a nice week, today we all have planned to bunk the school , because some of our teachers will be absent so today there will be no special classes. Well I think from last few days I got some intrest towards study J its because we have 1st preboard examinations from december and I got a bundle of preassure of studies over my head, I have to study and practices a lot specially the accountancy , economics and programming,
“Up and down
Nothing is up
Exams are near
So everything is down down and down”

I have wasted 12 years of my life and only two months left to prove best to my momma and dad.
Know what I am a great losser, I loose everything because of my disguisting activities.I don’t know how to manage every subjects in this short time to score some good marks, but I am trying my best that I can.But I don’t know what will happen if I fail? I will feel like to kill myself.

I am always been bad to my momma and dad for my stupid disguisting activities. I steal money, I behave rudely with them and many more.two years before I took admission in science stream, but due to my madness I left the school.i was getting nothing in physics and maths so I thought its better to leave science, perhaps if I may had a try again,
Also I went mad in love with someone.i was not aware that people can make use of someone’s kindness and affection, I was a damn mad a bloody stupid a worse than hell.I felt kind towards a girl who was suffering from brain tumor. She told she feels good to talk with me all the time.i thought she is in a great pain and it will be good to help her God will be happy.so without thinking anything like a damn fool I left my studies I left my entire career just to make her feel good and happy by talking with her whole day through sms, I also loose my bestest friend because of her.I use to steal money from my parents to recharge the balance of her and mine cellphone so that we could talk whole day.I spoiled a lot of money of my parents.one day she broke the relation with a silly cause and I had nothing to say.i lost my feeling I lost my kindness to other, now I feel like a dwelling soul, everymoments kill me when ever I think that what I have done.
For this things mom dad hates me now I know what the worse I did, but this board exam means me a lot to me it can bring a little smile on my parents’ face.if I losse this chance then I don’t know what gonna happen to me, I never asked for HELP from God, but for this !Oh God please help me!

Sometimes I feel happiness don’t suits me so I don’t enjoy anything , can’t smile from heart and I feel my heart have become a stone.I got a GF. She loves me a lot she belives me blindly but I can’t able to give her love from my frozen heart. I told her to leave away from me, but she told
 “if you can’t love someone or don’t want to love someone so what, can’t you give the right to someone to love you?”

Life always had choices, I wanted to prove best in myself the best in me, I thought I had choose the right way but I was not aware that the way I had choose is wrong actually.life is not as it looks like from out side , we need to got depth in it to understand.

I would like to say from my experience that.. when you will be In lot of pain don’t feel yourself a week, don’t break yourself and feel worse, but compare your pain with the people who are in more pain than you, then you will feel like that your pain is nothing and you will be able to find some way to sort out.
I don’t know what you people will feel after reading this, add some lines in the comments that you wanna say to me, abuse me or whatever you wanna say just write it, I wont get hurt.
These lines which always inspire me in my life.

"With a great power
A great responsibilities comes"

"In life we always have choices
do what you feel right
prove yourselves the best But.....
always choose the right way"

"Always remember , Exam is not something
to prove yourselves what you know
to prove yourselves what you know more than you know"

I have an amazing stuff to share with you guys! Last week  I went to my uncle's house , there my cousin had found a personal diary. Its of a girl and is osam, I can't write what she has wrote in diary about her and her love life because its her secrets. But you know what its melt my heart after reading that diary.I took some photos of it. She wrote some pages with her blood! eeeee itz horrible, I told my cousin that to find the address of that girl and return her she will be very happy after getting this.
Only this question is always coming in my mind that


At last I sort out 5 days from autumn break to roam here and there,.O God I thought my autumn break will be spoiled by sitting at home thanks God!
I went to my village after a long time and spent NAWAMI & VIJAYA DASHOMI there. It was awesome two days there. I do remember when I was of  4 years old once I had been there in DURGA PUJAS. A lots of things has been changed there and with a lot of progress.
At early morning the dews on the grasses touches the feet and and I feel so pleasant, The deep fresh air of  the greenary enviornment makes me feel like heaven.The view of rising sun from the spaces between the leaves of the trees in so beautiful.
Well in this five days I sort out one day and meet my dolon any how,  I had so sweet and adorable time with her..
Can you tell who the 1st hell person said to take exams from students? I hates exams eeee. We have second unit test from tomorrow . Time is less but work is more so am confused about the board exams ahead.