Hi…. Guys. On jan 26th we had party at one of our friend’s house in the event of republic day. We had lots of fun he! He!
Actually one of my friend will leave this school after few days , we will really miss her, specially in my class , we are only 7 students, if she will go, then our class room’s strength will be only 6 peoples, that will look like my classroom is missing something always,
I had thought that we all 7 guys will give the senior secondary exams together but she will leaving, and don’t know how many more people will leave , its sad na 

today we had a wonderful a day , we had lots of fun today at school, know what today we got the captainship badge , i mean those who are the captains and vice captains of school, different different houses got the badge of their positions like nameplate,i am a vice captain og tagore house hmmm but dont do anything,,, its cool na? after getting the badge we a feeling like little bit responsible towards school, discipline and other activities.. and i know the school gave us the badges to make me feel us that we are someone special of the school who are responsible for mainly the school activities so that our mischievousness will decrease he he !!
but its not like that, we became more naughty and more mischievous he he, :P :P :P

the beginning of this year was so sweet, because i had meet my by cutipie gf DOLON on 1st january and we had spent lots of time together, it was so sweet moments for we both, because after commitment i meet her that day for the 1st time....
that day when I saw her i was stubborned and freezed , i was out of my mind that what to speak with her, that day when she smiled at me i was so pleased...i was not getting any words to speak. she was looking at me and me too was looking at her we both were silent that time, after that when she lifted and hold my hand my eyes filled up with joy............... it is really a memorable moments for me...
after meeting her i am feeling like i am in more deep love with her...even her mother is happy with our relationship :))) yupppp
she loves me a lot.i promise i will never hurt her, i will always keep her happy, her every drop of tears is so precious for me i will never let it to drop, if me and my love is true then forever and forever we will be together...
I Love You Dolon......
hi guys......!!
****HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011****

well on 1st January I was in my village i did picnic with family and with my cutepie there. we had lots of fun that day, i hope my every days will passes like this happily.
whole day i enjoyed that day, but in evening i don't know how my brother got to know about my love relationship with his wife's younger sister, as this is my 1st love of my life i was so scared. we thought my brother will get angry with this relationship, but when he opened his mouth it was different he he. :):) we were so happy that time. after that my brother told to my gf's mother about me and my gf, i thought she will also get angry but she dont, she agreed our relationship and told me that i am so good thats why she is happy with our love and said that to never breakup with her, never hurt her, i promised her that i will never hurt her..
i am not so a good boy but still people says that i am a good boy so i cant digest this word that i am a good boy, after all i have faith in my love, that if my love is true everyone will be pleased by me and nobody can break my love..
well wishing everyone a happy new year have nice time