Everybody in this world needs love, everyone needs a life partner in life for support, shares joy and sorrows on different point of life.

I don’t know what is love? Someone answered me that “love is something that we cant see but can feel, it can understand your every unspoken words, it will drop tears for your tears, it can make your depressed life joyful like heaven, it will be with you when everyone will leave you,” so in short love is something which can makes our life beautiful.

However these days true love is rare to find. Even I am scare of today’s love, because sometimes I feel that love and having life partners is just like a fashion type for some people. By watching news, reading news papers, and seeing our locality, someone having partners just for fun, someone only for physical relationship, someone just for own benefit, and often after getting benefit from him/her they kills their partners, what these stupid are? these all are cheating,

Today’s one of the most common factor is leaving a partner due to some lack in her/him. before leaving someone we need to think once that, for what reason we are leaving him/her , why should not we try to change her/him and bring that character in him/her as we want to see in him. When we loves someone then some responsibility also comes for each other , for each and every steps we takes for each other, so what change we want to view in each other’s character we should corporate.

In love we should not think that what and how much love and we are getting , but we should think that what how much love and care we have for her/him. True love doesn’t see beauties, it doesn’t see how handsome you are, how much money he have, etc but it see how much you love and care for each other,

If you love him because he is rich, handsome, then its not love , if you love her because she is beautiful then its not love


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