Good morning guys, aww its a pretty outstanding sunday, know what? from tomorrow our summer vacation will start, its the holiday for 50 days, and the school will reopen again on 28 of june. aww 50 days its quite boring, i dont know what to do in these days, i think i gonna be boredom, i dont have any plan to go somewhere, i dont have any idea to do something special. so only eat , study and sleep, its quite and i gonna be frusted in these days,
oh yeah we got a lots of homework, and i am not gonna do these accept the computer's task, other wise the beast computer teacher will scold me badly,
i have planned to learn to play guitar, but i didnt get any teacher or experienced person yet :( ,
now life is just like scrambling away, i dont know what to do in the future, where to go, i am very upset about my future,
well its funtime and i have to enjoy this vaccation any how, beacuse this is the last summer vacation of my school life,

cheer guys


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