today I was having the worst boring day of my life at school. I am the only silly student of our class that had went to school today, except me no one of my classmates came in the school. because after two days we gonna have unit test so they may be preparing at home for that and i am feeling that i am the only one that suppose to shows that i am punctual student that i present to school everyday, i am feeling upset on myself well i passed the whole day by surfing internet in the computer lab, this helped me to come out from getting bored. even when the respective teachers came they felt sleepy like boring bum when they saw that only one student is present. Oh God this happened for first time in my life. I planned that i will not go to school tomorrow i will be taking a nap for unit test he he.
Days passing on and on but i am getting nothing from these days. how did i pass these 4 months I can't think can't remember what i did in those months. I just felt like i wake up at 6:00 am then school then tuition then back to home, every day the same activity. May be i didn't feel any special or may be i didn't tried to get something special. 4 months gone and now 8 months left for final board examinations, and still confused what to take as my higher studies? sometime when i think and interested about a stream then different thoughts comes that, can i afford that cost of that study? can i be eligible for that ? it will be the right stream for me or not? sometime i feel like i am mad dumb that i think like this.
well life is going good , having lots of fun everyday at school, as this is the last year of our school life. 
Hey guys.. have you ever seen the moon at night pleasantly? last night around 12:30 am i went to bed but not feeling sleepy, i open the curtain of my window, the pleasant white light of the moon was coming inside my room it was looking so beautiful. The white marble floor was glowing more than another day, my room was glowing like milky white, it was awesome. i wander how the moon will look like from near.
from decades and decades our former species have seen this moon the same milky glow the same looking spot on moon.nothing has changed yet in looks of the moon but we all have changed, we turning more older, one day our glory skin will be dull but the moon will be same as it is, i was if i was in the place of moon then i can roam around the space , my milky look will give pleasant to the people of earth. ahh God is a talented artist. DON'T laugh i know it is a childish post. he he