After a long time someone reminded me about my previous school D A V Public school Kusunda Dhanbad, It is the best school in my life that i ever had, from this school i got many things and loose many things, Indeed from this school my thinking, my life has drifted into another way which I was feeling like boring and worst life, but now i realizes its importance.
I studied there from class 6th to class 10th, after 10th due to poor marks in 10th board i didn't got admission in 11th so i had to leave that school. i have some bunches of memories with this school , our teachers, my classmates, miss you all cupid! It was a small school but with big spirits and great achievements.I haven't seen this school from last 3 years since i leaved Dhanbad city and i hope it have improved a lot. Each and ever day in the school with my friends was memorable specially in class 10th .
bellow some confession to some teachers 
Bishwakarma sir , please forgive us , we always used to disturb you , we use to make sound by rubbing our shoes on the floor  and we loved  your scolding comment " AI KAJAL WA MARENGE NA RE, CHUP CHAP BAITH :P :) !
Pandey sir! I miss your Sanaskrit comment , B. Pathak sir i love the way you used to teach us Hindi.
Tiwari sir you are great and honest from heart, our whole class loved you the most.  and Mr. US Pandey our principle we used to call you The Hitler, sorry please.

Now I don't know where those friends are now, what are they doing after few year we will be more busy with our own life, but I would like to request everyone that please Don't forget any school where you have got some knowledge and from where you were turned into a well defined human being. I have only few pics to share because that time I was not having any camera nor any cellphone so that i can click some pics. bellow i have collected some pics as possible as you requested  Shailendra Kumar sir!

pandey sir with book in hand

our farewell

Vishwakarma sir


Banner of dav kusunda

dutta sir

dutta sir & some of my classmates

Manoj singh sir on deep pink shirt

Ali and me

niraj & me

backyard of our school

vikash (motu) :)

vikash and saket

our classroom

Pathak sir in white shirt

tiwari sir with (standing)

principle us pandey

i have been studying at KV Salboni from last year and this is my second year that i have celebrated Teacher's Day . We people had bunch of fun. I was appointed to teach from class 1 TO 5 as Work Education teacher for that Day in place of Umesh sir. :) . i don't have the practice to teach other, really that day i realized  that teaching is really very tough job, specially to teach the kids of  grade 1 and 2. they almost ate my mind i was not able to control their mischievousness , but these kids are really so sweet, they gifted me few pens. on the next class i told  them go to the games room and play whatever you people like then i felt relaxed from those heck :P . 
then we presented the gifts to all the teachers and guest after that we had a small party of samosa, sweet, cold drinks, i ate 4 packets and my belly was looking like football. Then our tuition teacher had also organised a small party for us i was unable to control my mouth after seeing those black jamun sweet and got 5 pieces ahh so yuummmi :P
then back to home,  at home momma had prepared kheer yummmi i ate up 2 bowl. i was feeling my belly will burst now! I went to chemist and got some digesting tablets after that i feel relaxed :)

Poonam and Anamika

yuummi MAZA & SPRITE

anamkia as maths teacher

anamika and jayanti

me the idiot

the samosa packets

3 idiots

one idiots

hmmm teaching the students

the crazy kids

aranya and me

modern ramp show!

namrata, anamika and me @ tuition