Fun on Friend's birthday party

Yesterday at the examination hall my friend told me that today is his birthday and he invited all of our friend group to come and have fun at the evening. But I forgot, at evening I was buying some vegetables at the shopping arcade there I saw my friends they were purchasing gifts for him, awww my eyes glimpse by seeing those cute gift, Then I remind that Oh I have to go there also for party and I contributed only 30 Rupees on the gift. (I am Little miser lol :D ).
Then I  changed my stuffs and went to the party, there we had bunch of unlimited fun.The cake we had buy for him was too small like pan cake, and lol know what? we decorate that cake with gems chocolate he he. not only this, after this we diged a perk chocolate inside the cake!! OH! now its looking nice because no more its looking like small cake. Finally the cake was looking like dozens of candy over single piece of cake! cool na! here is the pic of cake below.

  Actually we were doing these for just to have some fun. And next look at the knife through which he had cut the cake. Were not having our own cake so were borrowed one from the hotel a vegetable cutting knife and it was looking like more than knife like sword he he. look at this

In gifts we gifted him many funny gifts like shaving kit, shaving cream because in future that boy will grew up and he must be need to....... (lol! understand the deep meaning behind it :) ). well among the gifts we have gifted, i loved only one gifts that was so cute, that's it below

look below he was cutting the cake with that knife :)

and finally the time came to feed our belly :)

May be this is the last party that we all have attend together, because after four months after final board examinations we all have to leave this school where we are studying together. then everyone will be in different direction for different career of life.may or may not we will meet again to have such type of fun again.Sometime I pray to God that, Oh God make me again a small kid again i wanna restart my life with such sweet moments again. Now I understand why childhood is the best part of our life, After all friendship rockz!
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