Memories Of 2011

 When I was little kid I always  wished  to God that Oh God, when you will grow me up?I am too young, (!!--sorry again for my poor english--!!)
Oh God when this class will be over and when today will be end and another day will begin, 
oh God when I will grow up like my father and then will be no burden of studies.
Well I was not knowing the day in which we are living today is more precious than the coming day of tomorrow because we are going to loose one day from our life. Yes tomorrow brings us new hope, new shine  new deed for our life but I prefer more on today than tomorrow and yesterday. Today will give use the path for tomorrow and it will give us the chance for rectification of yesterday so that we can lead a rectified tomorrow.

What I meant to say that days, weeks , months and finally years passing on but I am not gaining anything.
WELL I tried to live the live as in every second i can find life, but this year also I have lost so many things and also got so many things, i will say this the year 2011 year stood good for me, a lot of glorious moments with my friends my family and my love is attached with 2011. The most memories is this year I had a great time with my mom and dad, may be from after few months could not be able to spend such moments with my parents because I have to stay out of my town for higher studies.
I had a bunches of fun with friends at party at schools and many more.I will miss all these.
I will miss you 2011 forever :(


  1. nice dude....itz very interesting read ur blog, reminds my skul life....

  2. @nitesh thanks for dropping by, yes buddy the period I spent in this campus is the most memorable part of my life


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