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The year 2012 is almost over and I guess I have lived several good times more than I had thought. Now when I look back into the days for this year I get emotional as It was such a pity year for me.  I had both good and bad times and literally from them I learnt lots of life lessons.

School life is the Best life:
From L.K.G to Class (XII) I used to think school life is so boring, but later on this year when I  entered into college I found myself in a totally weird world and felt School life was the best life that I ever had.

Life is just too short!
After facing different phrases of disease such as Jaundice, Bi cardiac, etc etc and by seeing the life of people arround me that, life is too short than our imagination, Life may change or life would end within a overnight. Who knows what would happen tomorrow? We dream of doing many great things, we dream to achieve a everest of success, we dream to live a wonderful life with our loved ones, but sometime a sudden jerk of incident breaks everything. I live in today and before going to sleep I thank God for a beautiful today. What I have is today, What my life is now and my next breath, What I will achieve I today as much I can...

Emphasize the concerntraion to achieve something.
My resolution for 2012 was to learn web designing, but I diverted myself to learn many programming languages such as C++, JAVA, RUBY, SQL along with web designing and I could not learn any of the languages properly . So from my this mistake I learnt one of my greatest fault in 2012. If you want to achieve or learn something then concertrate on that particular topic properly rather than trying to achieve many things at once. Don't get trapped between multiple choices.

Life is what we make it:
Well, there are lot things for that we often blame God and others for something bad happened in our life. Our life moves according to our choice and wills, whatever we are , whatever we are suffering from whether it is bad or good it is all because of our will, deeds, choices and havits. We can't blame God for anything, we have our life, brain, limbs and strength given by him which is enough capable to handle anything and anything we want to do... in sort "as we do , so we reap"

Our past will only hurt us:
We may had did a lots of worst things, suffered from worst situations for which now we often regret. But whsipering these types of past will only hurt and would not allow to welcome the good times that are yet to come. Honestly from my own life experience.

Well lets thrust behind all our grief, worries and lets begin the new year as new life in new way with lot of hopes. Happy New Year in adavance to everyone.

one thing That I wish everyone would learn is.., cursive handwriting, calligraphic handwritnf

The One thing that I wish everyone would learn is...

The one thing everyone would learn is to respect each others differences. I wish people would try to understand the differences that make us unique instead of thrusting on those who are not similar...

I wish everyone would learn and know about their passion. If you are trapped bettween your choice and what others think right about you. Always choose the path that makes you happy.

I wish everyone would learn to leave behind their past, because past can only hurt if we let it. Wishpering the past would not let you live the good moments that are yet to come.

I wish everyone would learn something from every mistakes. Mistakes can teach us important leassons, everytime we make one , we are one step ahead to our goal.

I wish everyone would learn that "THIS MOMENTS IS YOUR LIFE"  Our life is not between our birth and death, our life is between now and our next breath.

Shave or crave, free from stubble, clean shaven men

I wonder why women always prefer their men to have stubble free clean and shaven cheeks? Its really sad for guys like me who is fond to keep long or trimmed beard. Its  about me and my cutepie on our first meet after our commitment, when I usualy used to keep long or unshaved beard from couple of days.

Me: (In the restraunt)Hey! you look cute in this dress!

She: Thank you.. you are looking handsome too dear .

Me:(Perhaps I am handsome) Well.. hmm.. thank you dear.

She: (After the dinner)So. whats your plan now?

Me: lets have  walk together to that park:

She: Give me a tight hug please:

Me: Oh dear, umm.. 

She: Ouch! What you are poking on my cheek!

Me: nope, I didnt poke you anything dear!

She: Uff.. its your beard ullu kahi k. I had told you na to shaven your beard!

Me: Oh I am sorry dear, I was excited to meet you so I forgot about it.

She: There you go, here is a men's parlour please go and shaven up now! it does poke and look dirty! 

(Crazy girl, She wants me to shave on a date )

Oh from then she made me neat and tidy about shaving and I always has to look at the mirror myself properly to ensure have I shaven today or not! :) Girls are really crazy! but it really look a perfect gentle man after shaving.

Hey guys! are you on a date this evening? Then please look yourself at mirror, if not then hurry! otherwise you may have to shave on a date like my situation :P

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Years are passing on just like few pinch of days, honestly I feel a year is few pinch of days which passes just after few days of work, eat and sleep. Well… the year 2012 been a good for me but not good enough. There are several memorable things happened to me this year and few of them are,,,

Now I am not a school student any more, I am a college student now, it sounds good isn’t it? But no, I miss my school life a lot and lot. On 15th February 2012 I attended last class and the only day in my life I cried for leaving my school, amazing na? Earlier I cried and made lots of excuse just not to go to school and on that day I cried for leaving my school, school life is amazing. Now whenever I pass by the school I look at those windows of our class and a glimpse of tear comes out of my eyes. If I reborn again as human being I would definitely enjoy and capture every moments in my heart. But you know what, now I don’t worry horribly about those creepy homework I have to submit tomorrow, : -)

As I said now I am a college student, it’s a new beginning for me. My first day at college was 10th August 2012, that day I was feed up with ragging, self introduction to seniors and professors but, latter I felt good and whenever I remember 1st day of college I laugh so badly.  Felling great as a college boy , everyone there treat me a adult , professors do jokes about girls and having girlfriends, new environment, new people, new and new plan to roam around on every Saturday,  and much more.

Umm… its been very nice year for my family, because only in this year the entire people were gathered together several times in this year, such as on Navaratri, Bengali New year, Diwali etc. It was so nice to see all of my family member together after a long time.
Oh I forgot to mention , This year  I has earned first income of my life, it was a cheque from of Rs. 300. & guess what I did with my first income? Though it is very less just like price of a Movie ticket but I managed myself to do something best, I gifted a pen to dad because he love to write, brought a pack of sweets for Mom because she loves it, and for myself I recharged my cell phone balance with Rs. 10 (don’t laugh :) ) and rest I donated to the roadside beggars. (Perhaps I did a good work isn’t it? )

Well from the world of blogosphere I has received a lots of gift from such as thermal Mug, Lakme gift hamper, Tshirt, Pendrive, Snapdeal evoucher and Evoucher from, thank you Indi and jabong. I know my quality of writing is not good but, due to different type of contests I get excited to win something and which compel me write in different form and I have improved my writing because of this.

Now If I write honestly, it was not a good year for our country , I don’t know how many crimes and violence has faced by our country this year, from the Ethnic violence at Assam where more than 100 people were killed, and now physical harassment towards women , has really affected the entire country. God knows how will be the next year 2013.
Here are few flash back of the year 2012 :)
 Wish you all Happy New Year In advance :) 

first day at college, kajal majhi
My first day at college (don't ask me "how was the day ?")

kajal majhi, memories of brbnmpl salboni, memories of 2012, Salboni,
My friends and me 

kajal majhi, memories of brbnmpl salboni, memories of 2012, Salboni,

birthday cake
 A surprise birthday cake for someone :), K.D do you remember this?

cake, kajal majhi, memories of brbnmpl salboni, memories of 2012, Salboni,
The day I got all my final certificates from my school :)

Srisha rao, poonam jaiswal, purnima jaiswal, kajal majhi
Sirs & Poo, it was a awesome evening, thanks for the party :) 

railway tracks, inspirational images
I dont know why this track inspire me for something

last day of my school life
This is the last class of my school I had attend  

diwali decoration, Christmas decorations
Diwali 2012

It was an awesome evening together after a long :)

exam over, party time, kajal majhi, memories of brbnmpl salboni, memories of 2012, Salboni,
After the last final exam , seems to be tensed na?

sharing lunch at school, kajal majhi, memories of brbnmpl salboni, memories of 2012, Salboni,  school life memories, i miss my school life
For the last time we had share our lunch with each other, I miss these days :-( 


farewell cake, kajal majhi, memories of brbnmpl salboni, memories of 2012, Salboni,
Happy Farewell? Farewell is  happy moments? I dnt think so

New year eve of 2012,, 

kajal majhi, Institute of sience and technology
Oops, forgot to wear socks! That was a bad day for me , I was being ragged by the seniors for not wearing socks! 

kajal majhi, anwar shahid, meghnath kisku, kajal majhi, memories of brbnmpl salboni, memories of 2012, Salboni,
me , Shahid, and Meghnath
3 idiots

Bunch of Idiots including me :)
kajal majhi, memories of brbnmpl salboni, memories of 2012, Salboni, , maza party,

Memories never die…

#Delhi Gang rape
Doomsday of world, crime quotes, delhi gang rape,

"If Dooms Day is not the end of this world its good, but our world is drowned with crimes and sins which is not less than a Doomsday & enough to bring its end."

delhi gang rape, rape cases, rape victims, rape quotes

You know, I blog only about my life and few of my imperfect photography and rarely I post out of these topics, but the recent  Gang rape in bus at Delhi is not going out of my  mind, I am too shocked! God knows what is happening in our society, Its better if the world would end , then there will be everything new, no crimes , no inhumanity and blah blah!

A 23 year old girl and guy were waiting for bus to Dwarka. The bus driver ram Singh went
out with his 6 friends the girl and the guy was called by the driver and were given proper tickets. They hit on  head of the boy and threw him out and raped her one by one. After raping her badly , one of them inserted a very long rod in her vagina which almost killed her and threw her out and ran away. She was lying in the middle of the rod hurt and nude..Not even single person helped her or covered her for an hour. When police came in no one helped them pick her up. They were just not interested at all. The girl's vagina + small and large intestine is totally damaged and she cannot live a married or normal life.

Doctor said " main bayan nahi kar
ki ussne kya kya zheela hai ...
Bolte hue
muzhe dard hota hai ".
She has gone in
coma 5 times from 16th dec. She
is unconscious , critical and is not
crying. The ribs are damaged as

Is this India where we worship Goddess Durga, Lakshmi and so on… And shame on the citizen , at least they  should have covered her with something. Still I don’t believe that God is really something or not and if there is God then there will be proper justice.
I don’t know why people do such type of crimes , they don’t even think once about their Mother, Sister, Wife, Girlfriend before committing such inhumanity? Or is this the fact that prove how the society see the women, but don’t dare to blame any women about their dresses , I am sorry to say that it is the heap of dirt in your mind that won’t get out ever until you wash it with some updates in your mind.  They will go to night club, they will go out for a drink, they will share a place with boyfriend, they will use public transports, they will do night shifts, they will roam around freely, nothing is wrong , they only wrong is the mind of some bastards like those sixes.  

Not only in Delhi but almost in every cities women are being tortured physically or mentally, some cases are being covered by media and some are out of coverage.  Now I will not proud of being Indian where there is safety for the women in our own society, I will say India is a worst country because for its bloody citizen and I feel shame for my country.

Its better that the girl should kill herself rather than suffering her entire life with such pain, whether the girl will be alive or not but she should get proper justice.  Penalty of death for the rapist would relive them from pain, they should be treated with some special lessons. Chop their legs, hands, cut off their ears, and make a Rapist tattoo on their faces, so that nobody would dare to think about another body to use or no one will dare to commit such crime.   
Please raise your voice to pull out such scraps out of our society for a clean minded society. Please help this girl to get proper justice.

my wild hair straightening idea :D

If you have curly hair just like me, then you may follow these tips to straightening your hair along with care. But, don’t ask me that have I applied these tips on my own hair or not? My answer will be no, because I love my hair as it is and I care a lot for it.
So do you feed up with your freaky, curly or dry type of hair? Do you want to straighten your hair? Then you may follow these tips...
        i.            Type of Shampoo do you use? Use creamy type of shampoo for better nourishment and more better if you have dry hair.

      ii.            1. Use two types of conditioner to moisturize and smoothen your hair completely. Use heavy conditioner after every wash and a deep conditioner twice a week.

    iii.         2.   You may be familiar with lots of Hair straightening gel available in the market, but only those are belongs to trusted brands. Dry your hair first , then squeeze little amount of  gel on your palm and rub on your hair.

   iv.            3. You can also use hair straightening brush rather than electric hair straighter. Use it with a hair dryer for quick and naturally straightening your hair.

     v.          4.   You can use hair styling cream along with hair straightening brush for longer effect on your hair.
image source:

O           5.  oh yes, don’t forget to apply serum on your hair. It is a great amenity for your hair care.  Warm up few drops of serum on your palm and apply often on your dry hair.

Well, whatever style you want with your hair, whether you are male or female, first you need to keep  your hair healthy  and for this you need both internal and as well as internal effort too. what  I mean is you need intake good nutrients  which are good for hair such as walnuts, eggs, oysters, Spinach, sweet potato etc.  along with above external efforts. I hope this article would be helpful to you.

This post is submited forThe Straight Hair Experiment   contest held by Sunsilk at 

Photo clicked on 12/12/12 to prove that I am alive. Are you alive too? :D

This photo is taken on 12/12/12 to prove that I am still alive guys, LOL :)  I was afraid that this world is going to end yesterday but nothing happened, just few hours of continue rain which politely changed the climate to extremely chilly, But I loved the weather of evening which was perfect for a picnic event.

I hope it’s a new beginning for all of us, those who want to do something new, to start with something new and to change damn path of the life then I think it’s a good time to do.  No no,  I am not a astrologist but I am saying what everyone at college was discussing yesterday.  For me , I don’t know what to do something new but, I am keeping much concentration on my studies , because I have a lot to know, a lot to learn and a lot to do and every day I will try to learn something new it does  not matter to me  that it will be from the syllabus or not but, at least I will get some knowledge about something.

Right now I am still thinking some wild ideas for the Sunsilk straight hair contest,  I am planning to visit a ladies parlor to ask them about hair straighten,   but that would be wild than wildest to enter into ladies parlor.  
pose with guitar, guitar pic
busy in taking guitar lessons. 

how to make straight hair, sunsilk straight hair
my hair straighting idea for Sunsilk straight hair contest. like it guys? :D

Happy Sunday!

As usual this week was not good and not bad enough ,because of exams. I don’t know why we guys don’t study properly in the whole semester ,but at night before the exam we jump with the books like we are going the blow the whole syllabus at a single night. Hey ! Know what! Yesterday I have written the 1st exam of my college life, it was good more than I had thought.
Well, do you know what 12/12/2012 is ? Many of you are telling that the world is going to end on this day! Sigh!  I hope its not going to real. But suppose it is going to be real then? If you so believe that this world is going to end , then what would you like to do before 12/12/12? Mine have lots of plan to do, but few among them are

I want to have Maggi with all my friends , since my childhood Maggi is my favorite yet.

As a participant in Harper Collins get published, I want to complete the Love story whether I will be chosen among 500 bloggers or not. At least I can hand over the story to someone special, I hope she will be happy to read it

True from heart: I will give a tight hug to my Momma and Daddy and say them “You are the best parents in this world and the best things I ever had in my life.

Noble work: I had never donated blood to anyone, so I am going to donate blood at least once.

I have a complete list but If I write here its all going to be boring. Well said!
Well, the year is going to over after twenty two days, weird na? Its like just we had stepped into last Monday and its all going to over on this Sunday. Time is crazy fast, nope! Not so fast, actually time is on its way but we people are on the same pond where we were and at the last we feel Oops time over!

Before the end of 2012, I have lot of thing to do, such as Picnic, Outing with friends, visit to susunia hill bankura, Christmas party, and Movies. What is yours plan?

Few pictures from this week.
exam hall, inside exam, my 1st college exam
 Its exam time guys!

beautiful evening. sun through window
 It was a clean beautiful evening yesterday

coffee with snacks, kurkure and snaks
Coffee at college canteen

pose with guitar, learning guitar lesson
taking few guitar lesson

my guitar, i love my guitar, red guitar, red black guitar, grason guitar
That is my guitar! nice na?

cheating in exam,
guess what he is doing?

Wish you all a charming week ahead 

cheque, my first income of my life, mginger cheque

Well, before writing this entire dummy article , I would like to thanks all the affiliates under me  because if they had not joined Mginger  through my referral links I could not have earn anything yet, and thanks to whole Mginger team for the perfect remuneration according to my work. Though it’s the cheque of RS 300 only but, it worth more to me as it is the 1st income of my life. (Memorable thing ha?)

Let me tell you guys if you don’t know about, its an mobile marketing platform in India, it provide targeted advertisement on mobile phones through SMSs,  and number of ads you receive in your mobile phone as SMSs you will get paid according to that.  For Per SMS I receive, they pay me 20 paisa and 5 paisa on every  SMS received by my referrals. Oh yes you can also earn by referring others with your referral  link. It’s a slow income but  suitable for me.

Well, now I am planning what to do with Rs 300? I think I should go to coffee café with my best friend and lets have a cup of coffee together? Again I am thinking I should buy something for my Mom, should I go to a temple and offer a thankful worship to goddess ? or Should keep it in a box for my memories? Am confused because I am thinking and thinking and thinking….. Help me God
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year ending quotes, sun set, life quotes

The year 2012 is going to end after this month, so how 2012 stood for you all? Mine was average, not bad enough and not good too. This year I lost my school life I mean my school life is over , it is the worse thing happened to me in this year,
Well few good things are I got into college life, new friends, a new environment,  few rare family gathering,  so many gifts from Indiblogger like Amul thermal mug, Castrol biking t-shirt, Lakme gift hamper, Melbourne pen drive and looking forward to receive more years ahead, thank you Indiblogger for all these.

People are afraid that the world is going to end on this month but I am not afraid because every living creatures who born, have to die someday and when death will come no one can stop it, well end of the world is just a panic and if it is real then I will see it, Because I am alive today and I will live my life today as much I can, who knows that what gonna happen tomorrow? Nice ha? he he :)

A whole Year is going to end but I  have not did a lot of things over the past months, so I have planned to fulfill my those desires before the end of 2012, these are;

It has been three years since I have not went to movie theater to watch any movie, the last movie I have seen along with my friends was “Rab Ne Ban Di Jodi”  so I have a list with a queue of movie names which I gonna watch once every week in this month.  

Second, Christmas is near, so “party to banta hai Boss”. All of my friends are outstation because of studies , now Chirtmas is a great day when we will gather together again.

Third, I want to give a dummy new look to my room,  it looks so untidy and messy because of my lazy habits, but I wander How do girls keep their room so neat and clean?

Fourth is , I will visit my school to meet with my favorite teachers and juniors. I will freshen up the memories of my school days. It’s only been eight months I left my school don’t know why I miss them a lot than any other things of my life.

And the Fifth one is, Night out on 31st December and camp fire to warmly welcome new year 2013.

I hope I am going to make these all and the coming year will be more charming and more success for everyone of us.

life, mirror, life is a mirror, reflation image on water, inspirational photography

"Life is a mirror and will reflect back
to the thinker what he thinks into it"

Covering almost my every lifestyle needs

Pic credit #2 :- Jabong

Well, I am not lying I have never experienced  from but whatever I have heard from my friends and seen on the Television Ad I just want to say in one word “WOW!” .

You know what? The feelings of Shopping online is amazing and exciting, we can compare the stuffs, prices, we can buy our private needs which we feel little embarrassing at the malls and shops, we don’t need to wonder  from one corner to another in search of different items ,even we are free to stare at the items for hours, as nobody will bother us or ask why you are stumbled at one place and more exciting is when we receive the package at our doorstep we open it like a crazy , isn’t it?

I hopped into Jabong and found my perfect online shopping destination for my every and daily lifestyle needs, I am a brand lover and Jabong has stuffs of all my favorite brands. Whenever I turn on my computer I log into and surf for hours because of vast collection of trendy items.
The things which attracted me to Jabong are
1.       Free Shipping (no extra charges other than the price of the items)
2.       30 days return
3.       (24*7) customer support 0124-6128000
4.       Vast collection of Items
5.       Fair Price
6.       Cash o delivery

My favourite Brands I found at Jabong

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 This is the story of a boy and girl who were friends. the girl was egoistic, arrogant  and because of these the boy use to get irritate over her behavior, but after a family gathering they get to know each other better and became very good friends, and apparently few months of strong friendship they  fallen in love with each other, but they don't know they are in love and realized it much later.

The story is about the couple based on the long distance relationship, they are staying apart from each other. They meet to each other twice or thrice a year.  This story expresses the problems, compromises and the situation has to face by the couple in long distance relationship. But ultimately they love each other blindly.

This is the story of a very young couples of 20s , may be this in not the perfect age for  love or getting into a relationship, in fact they hide their relationship from their parents in afraid of  being scolded from them, but what I feel is that, it is a true love story which is going to be end only after their death.
This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs from Yashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India.
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I think Fashion and Style is an attitude which tells a lot about the person,  it is not necessary that one has to wear what other's wear and one should know how to carry their outfit and accessories with class and elan. Fashion and style according to me is something a unique blend of simplicity combined with timeless chic.
 Well Diwali is over now but I always had a tend to wear ethnic and traditional on such festive seassons, umm.. I think Kurta Payjama is best apparel for such occassions long with few other accessories. I hopped into shoppersStop and chossen my dream kurtas, its all my dream stuff because, I had never wear such stuff but I am Glad that we bloggers are free to choose for our blogpost with the best of our choice from ShoppersStop.

 Well said hmm, from the Apparel section I have choosen
Manish Creations"- Mens Handicraft Kurta Payjama Set of Wine Color 
Manyavar Mens Ethnic Wear Jutis of Maroon Color and  
Manyavar Ethnic wear Stoles on the neck.  Well from the Asseceories section I would love to wear Revv Bangle 16826 for a Macho look and 
Ettorio Fratini INFINITY pen in the pocket would be looking dashing.

ok enough about Diwali. Wedding season is near and I love to be in much casually at the wedding party along with some with some trendy accessories. I would love to wear Casual shirts and Jeans.
 Jeanswear Mens long sleeves casual shirt of black color and
Jack and Jones Mens nick BL 118 LID jeans will be perfect for me, but Fashion is incomplete   without accessories. I love fatty belt and digital watch which completely match over jeans and casual. So, Fcuk Mens plaque Leather belt  and my most favorite brand for watch
Casio Mens G shock  Digital watch would be the perfect match like a groom to bride and bride to groom. he he Just kidding. 

The year 2012 is going to end after few days then how could we forget about Christmas and New year Eve. I am going to try one of my favourite Brand ParkAvenues  Mens Slim fit single breasted suit with flat front trouser. It and ESPRIT timewear mens Folsom Night 262,  would be perfect for these eve.

Perfect Look

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*Pic credit Shoppers Stop.
*For more details of the items, click on the links

How was your Diwali night? I hope you all have enjoyed a lot. The last week was packed with festivals like Diwali, Kali puja, Bhaiya dooj, Kartick Puja and now Chaath Puja, because of these my pockets are empty now : D but don’t ask me why?

Well, I hopped around different places during Diwali night to see the decoration by lights, candles, and Diyas of the festival of lights.It was an amazing view like I was in an another day , the streets were blooming with  bright colorful lights, sparkle of fire crackers, ethnic bright shine of Diyas and Candles. That Day I wanted to celebrate a eco friendly diwali but the sounds of the crackers and excitement of my friends compelled me to burn some firecrackers, sorry about that : )  

Also pandals were build at many places for Kali pujas, I feel great that people of West Bengal celebrate Kali Puja like Navaratri and Ganesh Chaturthi, but I don’t know about other  states. Here I had clicked some pics on Diwali night. Have a look
Diwali rangoli, Flower rangoli, Rangoli photos, Indian rangoli.

street decoration, Diwali light decoration, wedding light decoration, house decoration with lights

durga puja street lights, colourful street lights

Diyas, mud lamp, diwali diyas, diya battis

firecrackers, rockets

Diwali pandals, puja pandals, Mahanad Kali puja pandals