finally got some fresh break after completing the school examinationS. now again after  35 days we have to give board exam! aahh! atleast got some free days to study freely.

I was just feeling feeling sick by extraclasses, tests, monthly tests, weekly test, mock test, 1st pre board, 2nd preboard Blah blah! OmG! what the dammn crap were these days,.

You know what sometime I just pray to God Oh God when I will be out of this school after giving Board, I just counts the days to go, but sometime I feel upset and hopeless type when I think OMG after examination I will be out of school, I don't gonna having school life anymore. Where I will take admission after school? what gonna be my career? How I will handle my unsteady life ahead? blaah bllah! Really its so strange right?
I remember the day when I started going to school, full of tears on my eye, holding momma's hand, those were the days when I use to think what kind of burden haS put on my back! 

Now again the day when I will leave this school, again  tears will come out, but there will not be mom there to handle me, I have to handle myself. Now I Got to knows values of school. I wish If God will make me a kid today like I was 18 years  ago. Again I would love to start to goto school and remake those paths where I had faults,then life will be beautiful. Oh! i forgot that its not possible to be a kid again, I had just started dreaming he he he :)

Yesterday after Work experience exam me and my friends had some fun outside school,

itz me :)

me and meghnatrh

♥ ♥ ♥Happy New Year 2012 ♥ ♥ ♥
Happy New Year ***2012*** to all whoever is reading my this blog.May God bless you, this year may stand a successive year for you all.
I wish you have a lot of sweet and grief memories of 2011.Last year had happines  for many people as well as stood painful for many people.2011 was stucked with natural hazards , major accidents and many more whic had results in loss of many lives.
But I hope this year 2012 should not be like 2011, we should and we can make this year a glowrious year, we should make peace , harmony among ourself and our community, we should maintain and think about future saftey before doing or building something. Everything thing we can maintain,  this world is ours and it will reflect us as we will treat it, everything is in our hands and our responsiblity  except the natural hazards.I hope you got it what I mean, live every moments like that you can find life in every moments.
New year brings new hope , new messages, new choice in our everyones life. And it is necessary to do something new with these new days

**My resolution for this new year 2012**

↓ ↓

  •  I had hurt my parents because of my stupid activities, but now I will try not to do any such kind of things and I will must try to be a good son to my mom and dad.
  •  I will try to concerntarte on my studies rather than other stupid activities , specailly for this next three months, because board exam in so near , near and near.
  • I will take care of my health, because if health is well, then aal is well :) .
  •  I will try to love dolon more than today, I will try to love her tomorrow more than today, and day after               tomorrow more than tomorrow and sooo on........
  •  I will do some social work.
  • I frequiently speak lie, but now I will try to speak less lie.

So these are my resolutions for this new year, isn't it little bit childish?, what about yours' ? if you like you can share here by dropping your comments.

Last evening of 2011

welcome of 2012 at 12:00 am


A color full welcome of 2012

Happy new year :)

me :)