Hey people of XII Science Commerce & Humanities all the best for exams..Do the best. its the tough time again for we students but its a bit more tougher because it will finalize the result of your 12 years of experience of study. 
Shut down the Facebook orkut  and blah blah for one months... all the best once again

I have found this touchy inspiring news from a paragraph  in newspaper.

This is a true story of Mother's Sacrifice during the China Earthquake, after the earthquake had subsided, when the rescuers reached the ruins of a young women's house, they saw a dead body through the cracks.But her pose was somehow strange that she knelt on her knees like a person was worshiping, her body was leaning forward and her two hands were supporting by an object. The collapsed house had crashed her back and head.
With so many difficulties the leader of the rescuer team put his hand through a narrow gap on the wall to reach the women's body.He was hoping that the women could be still alive.However the cold and stiff body told that she had passed away for sure. He and the rest of the team left the  house and were going to search if any one is alive.
For some reasons, the team leader was driven by a compelling force to go back to the ruin house of dead women.Again he knelt down and used his head through the narrow cracks to search the little space under the dead body.Suddenly he screamed with excitement , "A CHILD!! THERE IS A CHILD!!!! " 

The whole team worked together, carefully they removed the piles of ruined object around the dead women. There was a three months old little boy wrapped in a flowery blanket under his mother's dead body.Obviously the women had ultimate sacrifice for saving her son.When her house was falling she used her body to cover and protect her son. The little boy was still sleeping peacefully, when the team leader picked him up. The medical doctor came quickly to examine the little boy.After he opened the blanket he saw a cellphone inside the blanket.There was a text message on the screen , it said "IF YOU CAN SURVIVE, YOU MUST REMEMBER THAT I LOVE YOU" 
The cellphone was passing around from one hand to another.Everybody that read the message wept, "If you can survive ,you must remember that I love you" ,Such is the mother love for her child!!
Again got a clear day, OMG! the beauty of nature is truly awesome.You may be thinking why I uploads same kind of photo again an again? because I love the sky , I love the sun set, it makes me feel like an another world,
 Have a look on those snaps which I have clicked yesterday..

In the afternoon

in the evening

The day going to dark again

The sun is going to sleep and saying "SEE YOU TOMORROW AGAIN" 


now I understand that every single activity that a person wish to do in His life needs an inspiration and self interest, whether it may be profession, art, hobby, or any kind of activity.I am writing this from my personal experience.

Earlier when I started blogging I was in 10th grade I didn,t get it that what to write and how to write. I got no intrest nor had an experience of writing. I just use to copy article for other website and blogs and paste it in my blog , so my blog go banned.

Next I thought blog with porn content will get more visitors , so I started collecting porn stuffs from other porn site and made a new blog but this time my whole google account got banned :) Dnt know who the hell banned me like this LOL :) wel....

Finally I decided to created a new blog again but I not add any porn stuffs nor any copied items. I will write and add what ever I can whether it will be attractful or not. I am poor in english.I had create it but I was not getting any comments nor any like I was upset and loosing intrests again....

two months ago I had posted few lines for the  MasterChef India 2  contest and won a runner up prize wooo! when I got email about winning it I was surprised, becuase the line which I had wrote was not so attractfull , a lots of gramartical mistakes like in this article. I wrote those lines about TWO UNIQUE DISHES like not intrested in doing homework of school.

I was jumping when I read that Email.Well whatever the prize is, It is like an inspiration for me. I got more intrest in blogging, Now I try to write something new after every two or three days, though my contents are not attract full still I receive two or three comments on my every posts, which makes me smile eeee. thanks to INDIBLOGGER
I have a dream that I want to do something in this world of internet and blogging, but I don't know it will be realistic 
Thanks people for giving your time to read it. 

To my mother..

I really love you momma
I know I don't make you feel proud of me
I am not a good child of you momma
But I really love you momma

I always hurts you
I always iritates you
Some time I don't obey you
But momma, I really love you

I have hurts you
by my past
I have hurts you 
by my present

I broke your promise
I broke your hope
I am not a good child
But I love you momma

After I huts you
I don't smile I don't eat
I thinks for pardon
But won't get currage to ask for pardon

I care for you mom
But can't show you my care
I cry for you mom
But never show you my tears

I wan't to be more bad to you
I want to get beaten by you
in your every slap I find your love momma
I really love you momma

One day I will make you smle
One day I will make you proud
And you will say 
It is my son

I love you momma 

sorry People I could not set the rhyme properly as you know  I am poor in English thanks for reading. 

An experience from the journey to Ganga Sagar.

I do not rome so much because of my busy life my busy family, when ever I plans to go on a trip,it fails and makes me filled with sigh! 
well twelve years back in 2000 when I was around 7 at haldia as my dad was newely posted to there. After working six months,  dad got CL leave for 15 days dad and his two friend decided to go on a trip to Ganga Sagar, people says its the place where the river Ganga mix with sea & the place where the great devotes Kapil Muni lived, you might be familiar with this place by ganga sagar mela, isnt it? thats said! 

Ganga Sagar was a journey of five hours by vessels from Haldi doc and 30 minutes by bus from a stopage I dont remember its name the bus stand was right between a village and now I think its no more village because of change in 12 years.Well going next..

We reached Ganga Sagar at the evening it was a great view from the sea shore really amazing if you ever visit there you must enjoy the the beauty of sea in evening & early morning.
I spent the whole evening on the beach by playing with sand and watching the waves.next we booked hotel and enjoyed the meal. There people eat only MIRAMISH mean pure veg food no fish, meat, chicken , egg, not even they add garlic & onion in foods, They reflect the purity of that holy place.
Next morning we had bath aww the waves were so strong , our body was moving with the movement of the waves and finally i vomited due to sallowing of saline water he he :)
After bath we worshiped at the Kapil muni temple It was so dengerious idol of kapil muni the idol was made of stone and painted with red, I was getting worried to look at it :) this way we passed that day.

 Next day when me and dad was walking arround beach , I remember i was eating sandwich of sweet bread and walking with dad, then suddenly a boy of around 15 or 16 came , he was looking quite poor &  depressed,
 he smiled at me and asked my dad "kaku 5 taka dao na , khub khide payechay kal raat thay k kichu khate pai ni"
means uncle please give me 5 rupees, I am so hungry as I did't got anything to eat from last night. , my dad thought that he was making excuse to fetch some money as all other beggars do, so dad refused to give and told 
"you have such a fit body, God gave you hand, legs , eyes, brain to do work as every other people do, then why don't you " 
The boy reply "Uncle God did't gave me anything to live, He gifted me this life just only to suffer", 
and He removed his shirt to show my dad OMG!! he was suffering from skin cancer , I could nt look at his and closed my eyes, 
then again he told "My mom dad brings works in this temple but whatever they earn it goes on medecines and for meal we roam around here for a dole of bread" 
His tears were coming out and telling the truth.My dad got emotional on that him and gave him a note of 50 rs. The boy smiled but still his tears was coming out of his eyes.

I don't know why its been 12 years but I still remember his every words he told to my dad it touched my heart. I just wished that the boy had got well soon.Next on the fourth day we get back.

This boy had tought me that life will not be like this as right now, Life always changes its way and sometime it  reflect sarrow, sometime pain, sometime a lot of happiness,

And also got to know that sea does'nt takes anything from you what everyou will through in sea, it will return you by its waves....

here is  my look at Ganga Sagar when I was only seven
Me with my Momma and Pappa

Dad with his friends 
I remember the boy right to me is SONU and sorry the boy left to me I have forgot his name.

I would recommend if you will ever vist Ganga Sagar you must watch the amazing beauty of sea here. 
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Today I got tiered by solving Accountancy questions of Admission of partner and thought to do some stupid photography with my Samsung champ 1.3 MP cellphone :) Don't laugh huu :) I didn't got anything to click and looked up at the sky aww it was so clear after almost 6 days of fuggy weather.I have just brightened the light howz it people?  
Natural photo

I was just thinking in morning about exams. Just 1 ten days left to begin exams.
everyone says "study harder kajal study harder"
 someone says "kajal its the real time to prove what you are"
again someone says "kajal it will determine your entire career & entire life"
 my teachers says "work hard be happy & make me happy too"

Do this is the only thing that will determine our life?
 Is this the only thing to prove what I am?

Yes I agree For a teacher its a great expectation and our marks is a really great reward for them.

In exam only 30 or 32 questions will examine our whole life? But It doesn't see that we have wasted 12 years of our life. Isn't little bit rude system? I feel like creepy .

Well pardon me, I know I am wrong.

Finally the time came and our school waved us farewell. Its 15th February  2012 it will be my most memorial day of my life.
I can now understand the school life properly. Earlier it was a feeling like a hell, but now after leaving this school I got to know the values of school life. I wish God will make me again a small kid and again I will start going to school with my liitle feet with a bag on back. But its not possible L
We spent whole day together at our campus park, and had bunches of fun. I gonna miss this school, I will miss my friends, I will miss a beautiful part of my life after 12th. In short I want to say I got the best school, I got the best school mates, which I am going to miss.
Thanks to dear juniors for all those activities you have done for us, the taste of cake was awesome yummi.
Thanks to dear teachers, School management for supporting us in every way.
Some pics below…









promise day
What is your promise for your loved one, for your family for your friends? for everyone who is in your life?
Some fellows says that "promise is something that is made to break"
but In my opinion  promise is something like swear , that we have to fulfill indeed whenever its required. So think at least one before you make promise to someone. 

Really in our daily life we make a lots of promise to a lot of people, just like in my school everyday our economics teacher gives homework and when its not done we promise "I PROMISE SIR, TOMORROW I WILL SHOW YOU THE HOMEWORK" and when tomorrow comes we repeat the same excuse :)
like this many more promise we do to our love ones, to our friends that "whenever you will need any hands I will be there" but when actually they needs hand we are out or busy. this is not kinda fulfilling a promise.

so what we will promise with someone? help please
(sorry 4 my poor eng.)