Our Farewell

Finally the time came and our school waved us farewell. Its 15th February  2012 it will be my most memorial day of my life.
I can now understand the school life properly. Earlier it was a feeling like a hell, but now after leaving this school I got to know the values of school life. I wish God will make me again a small kid and again I will start going to school with my liitle feet with a bag on back. But its not possible L
We spent whole day together at our campus park, and had bunches of fun. I gonna miss this school, I will miss my friends, I will miss a beautiful part of my life after 12th. In short I want to say I got the best school, I got the best school mates, which I am going to miss.
Thanks to dear juniors for all those activities you have done for us, the taste of cake was awesome yummi.
Thanks to dear teachers, School management for supporting us in every way.
Some pics below…










  1. come & meet us saappy before we all scattered on different places after 12, we all miss u always

  2. This a great way of keeping your memories alive. These small steps will help you in becoming a good personality. Please keep up the good work.


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