To my Mother

To my mother..

I really love you momma
I know I don't make you feel proud of me
I am not a good child of you momma
But I really love you momma

I always hurts you
I always iritates you
Some time I don't obey you
But momma, I really love you

I have hurts you
by my past
I have hurts you 
by my present

I broke your promise
I broke your hope
I am not a good child
But I love you momma

After I huts you
I don't smile I don't eat
I thinks for pardon
But won't get currage to ask for pardon

I care for you mom
But can't show you my care
I cry for you mom
But never show you my tears

I wan't to be more bad to you
I want to get beaten by you
in your every slap I find your love momma
I really love you momma

One day I will make you smle
One day I will make you proud
And you will say 
It is my son

I love you momma 

sorry People I could not set the rhyme properly as you know  I am poor in English thanks for reading. 


  1. Beautiful post !
    your maa will be proud of it :)

    1. Wow! finally got a comment :)
      Thanks buddy 420,
      Mommy don,t feel proud of me because I am bad. :(

  2. how sweet.. Really You are a good son..


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