Biking came in me when I was 16 years old. For me biking is a passion which makes me feel passionate, its a part of my hobbies which entertain me, and my classic lifestyle.

I got attracted in biking when I was in Dhanbad. My neighbor boy used to go out every nights for illegal street racing I was just attracted towards his bike and his riding style, it was him who taught me to ride bike properly. It was his riding style, his bike , his stunt attracted me towards biking at that small age. I was not having my own bike , so every time I had to borrow one his bike to learn to ride. I remember it was Hero Honda Splendor 2004 model by which I learnt bike riding.

Well I can’t fully express what is biking for me, but I can tell how I feel biking. When I ride my bike the buzzing sound from engine fills me and gives an immense desire to ride more and more. When the cool wind touches my face it chill my brain. I feel more passionate when I ride together with my group. I feel completely freedom from this world and as part of something different, I keep on riding and going and keep going until I feel that Its enough for today.

Now I have a group of five people everyone is fond of riding like me, we goes out of our town every evening and keep riding for two hours between the woods as got freedom from rest of the world.
I must say if you want peace as well as freedom from the burden of your tension for couple of minutes then, take your bike and keep riding towards the silent part of your town, feel it.

Well finally last year I got my own bike, its Honda stunner. I care my bike as my buddy, I have never let it get a single scratch marks on its body.I love my bike and biking.
If anyone will ask me is biking a style for you? I will reply biking is my passion and an inner desire of mine.I love biking.I never ride to compete with other, I never ride to do street race with other, I ride for myself for my own joy

Do you love Castrol biking? Then do follow this page You will be glad to know that this article is for Castrol biking also.

Keep riding keep riding!
Itz me

My meter
The Honda Stunner

Our group
A little stunt by my friend

Another one

I don't know what I am trying to say by this article, even I don't know what I am writing for? I am just writing cronologically as my mind says.

I was just trying to steal Rs 10 from my dad's purse.Suddenly I starded thinking what the hell I am doing! I would rather ask him to give me Rs 10, but you know what when I was kid it was ok to ask every day for money but now I am a grown child it doesn't sense good to ask to my parents everyday for money obeiously they will feel iritated. But also stealing money from their purse is much wrong. 

Sometime I also think about to earn some pocket money too, but it isn't easy. Yes it will be easy if I teach some nursery and LKG & UKG kids. But I wander how people easily write on the web that "MAKE EASY MONEY ONLINE, MAKE MONEY WITHING 7 DAYS, TURN $10 INTO $10,000 IN 7 DAYS, EASY WAY TO MAKE MONEY" blah blah blah! but I think it is not easy as they write.
For me it take 5 or 6 days to grather Rs 100 from my mom & dad by making many excuse like buying of pen, buying of icecream, buing of cellphone credits etc etc but it take just a second to hand the note to a shoopkeeper and its gone.

You know what? money never stays with particular person, just hold a note of 100 on your hand , look at it and think for two or three minute. From where you have got this note? a currency note always have a lots of story behind it, may be story of a begger, may be story of a shopkeeper, may be story of a miliniory or may be story of your hard work to earn that 100 rupees. 

For a poor Rs 100 worth like a heaven it will feed their a single belly whole day, they earn that much by burning their blood into sweat , buring their skin in open hot sun.

Well, I didn't stole that 10 rupees from dad's purse today, I asked him simply and he gave me. isn't nice? 
Did you get what I wanted to say? if yes  then what? because I myself don't know . tell me plz

Exams over!! Hurrrrrrrraaay!!

Today we were having the last exam that is Informatics Practices, Finally a burden of tension is removed, no more tension about board exams, and offcourse today was the last day of our school life.
We all were smiling before the exam and keep smiling after the exam also.We completed the 3 hour paper in 1 and half hour. see how genius we are in computer  (I wish if we all had done well like this in rest of the subjects).

After coming out of exam hall we guys thought to do a little party we were five people but , we got only 60 Rs. after collecting from every one? Five people 60 RS. hmm what to buy? what to eat? and finally calculated 5*12=60 :) mean I have to spend 12 rs on each people, but what the hell we will eat in 12 rs? we got an Idea and drank MAZA the small pouch. Do you remember the ads "MAZA....HAR MAUSAM KA AAM" :)

Well! we are thinking exams are end now no more tension, have bang! bang! & bang! but its not like that we will be tension free for littlw few days actually from now on our real exams of our life will start, where to take admission, how will be the collage, what course I will choose, after choosing a course then again we will ask someone is this the perfect course for me, does this course value? what is the fee structure? where to stay in hostel or somehere, blah blah such type of tension will eatup our mind on the comming next few months,

An another pain we all are going to get is , after few months we all will splits up into different places , different colleges .May or may not we meet again together, we will not be having no more bunches of fun together like this. I will miss my school mates a lot these are all an important part of my childhood. Help us all GOD!!


Get set Go

mamma mamya! its MAZA time

me in thristy

Chilling party

Girls look here plz :)

I am very thankful to you Indiblogger team, masterchef India 2, & star plus for this cute gift. I received the gift today and I jumped with joy when I saw its from Indiblogger,

Its a cute thermal Mug painted with master chef India logo, and a card which contain autograph of Kunal Kapoor, Ajay Chopra & Vikas Khanna .!!

Its my first gift of my life before this I had never won any prize nor took part in any competetion
When I got the courrier package my dad asked "Did you buy anything online? You wasting my money idiot"

"No papa! I won it!!!!

Dad thought something for few min! Then he told " My beta won something? What a surprise!"

Yes pappa! Accidently I won it! :)

Well whatever the prize is it don't matter, I won a prize it matter me the most. It inspire me to write ,when a day begin I start my day by thinking what will I write In my blog today! And incidently I always indeed get a topic. But I get hurt most when I watch that Today I have Got more than 100 page views today but not a single comment, i become sad, then I think may be I can't write well. You know a single comment makes me smile a lot,

Well I thanks Indiblogger again for such nice gift,I will keep blogging and improve my blog as well as my wriiting skills. Cheer!!

Hey people , today I  received an Google Adwords coupon worth Rs 6000 by speed post. I am  bit confused about  how to use it. Sis months ago I had signed up for adwords just to check what is adwords but did't entered any billing information.

Its written in the coupon that "you got a free advertising trial offer worth Rs. 6000, you pay only when someone click on your ads here is your coupon code XXX XXX XXX"

Can anybody describe me how to use this? I don't have any well estimed  websites I just have few blogs like this and nor have any credit card to enter in the billing address.

Now these days I am feeling like I am sorrunded in the enviornment of sorrows and pain.I am not getting happy from my parents nor my love life. I am so bad and something is wrong with me, but what is that??

My mom dad think That I don't love them as I always behave with them indifferently, sometime very rudely, All these happens because of my frustation, my anixity.I know I am very bad boy but Not that much as they think.Please somebody make this read to my parents.

"Mom and dad please don't take me and my words wrong always.Whatever I says I don't say with my heart my frustation, my anixity compeel me to say those words, I has completely losse my control over my mind I can't think what I as saying to whome.I really love you momma and dad as every child love their parents.But never showed you how much i love you both. When I hurt you I forget to smile, I forget to eat , I forget to sleep, I forget to talk with anyone I just find how to say sorry but I never got the strength to speak the words "S O R R Y" because I know I am not forgiveable .
Every parents feel proud of their child, but I don't make you feel proud I know, But I promise one day I will not make you proud of me but I will make you proud yourself. I broke your faith by leaving science and taking commerce stream, Every of your friend's children are studying enggineering , but I will try to do more than an engineer  . I am sure you have to feel proud one day. I really love you momma and daddy."

Tension for exam, anixity of exams and tension of love life has completely eaten me and changed me. Does a single mistake can dumb a good love realtionship? why don't she forgive and think about how to make the realtion more stronger? Is she thinking about breakup or something?

Sometime I think I am not the perfect boy for her, I think may be I can't give her so much of love as she deserve, she is really very good girl but I am dumb f**k. I think I has took all her smile all her happines.She smile she laugh with everyone very politely and naturally but when ever I try to get a glimps of her smile she stuck her jaws and stay stubborned, She never tells whats going in her life.

Earlier I use to think love life is the happiest part of life But I don't think so, people with real depth can't be happy always.Now I think people who love eachother as a formalities to love they are best because they never gets hurt for anything.
But depth love like me really sucks and kill me every moments. I don't know what to do. please someone help me.

Ding dong! four over and just one left!

All the weighty subjects are gone now only informatics practices(computer) is left. Today we had economics and it went mindblowing, Every one was smiling after exam, I think everyone's has written, You know on the last exam of Accountancy everyone was crying, that day everyone was coming out with a face like teacher's poked them badly :) actually the paper was so much lengthy , well now forget yesterday and look for today, I am happy that I wrote economics more than I expected.Thanks God!

My teacher says - "Economics ak aisa subject hai jo samajhne k liye akaal chahiye, but wo mere paas nahi hai" yup its ri8 )

Me and my friends made some stupid answer for some stupid it

Q. Define microeconomics?
ANS. Microscopic eco friendly nomics is knows as economic!! Any doubt sir/mam??

Q. Give one reason for shift if demand curve?
ANS What the hell I will know haan? Ask them who are shifting the curve,

Q. What is price maker firm?
ANS. You bloody hell You don't know every firm's is main aim is to make price and earn.Where did you studied economics?

Q. What is indifferent map?
ANS. Simple! differnt map is called indefferent map! you stupid , is this the question for class 12? Silly ****

Q. What is direct tax?
ANS. Hmmm...Looks like really got a question of class XII, ok! let me answer, the tax which is imposed by central government to you, like your bloody income tax which you feel , government is snatching your entire income, is this enough explanation? 4 me 4 dega nahi to ....... **** U

Q. What is inflation?What is the market condition during inflation?
ANS. Sit on hot frying pan, how did you feel? chilly hot na? yeah thats the market condition during inflation.

I think it is enough fun on economics otherwise some economist will be buring with anger, sorry oldy goldy economist! its all my new innovative answers

My friends,  seems to be happy :)

ME as always :D


hey people. how are these? a liitle bit color is edited 

Can anyone tell whats wrong between us? I have poor english, but try to understand.
Something is indeed wrong between us, I don't know what it is, Its my fault or her fault, or both of our's fault.

May be I don't understand her completely, may be I can't show her my love and care completely, may be I don't keep her happy, may be I don't understand her words. I don't know what it is, but something is wrong.
I must tell you that, we have long distance relationship, means we meet each other twice or thrice a year. now you can imagine how hard to wait for months and years, Every moments we suffer from tension of each other, that is she fine or not, what is she doing now, is she alright or not, I just always wish she must be alright and believe in her words becaue I can't see her from here.

We keep talking whole day by sending texts, she don't texts  whenever she goes out, she works, or do something its ok, but can't she tell that she is going out and will not send text for few hours. I keep starring on my cellphone in hope when I will see her message. And I feel tempered myself when she don't tell me all this. Even anything happens to her she won't tell me ever, she never talks with me clearly about anything, she never share her any problem with me, And I feel like I am more alone than before I was single. And when I show my little anger to her she shows me double anger to me,

What does she want to tell by all this? that I am nothing to her, I don't have any heart to understand her, I don't care for her, I don't have any feelings for her? or I don't have the ability to love her? She don't know how much she hurts me.

Every couples fight with each other but I don't think any couple fight and feel lonely like us?

Sometime I think I need to ignore this small things , I try to ignore but sometime I can't control myself from saying these to her.Should I change myself? am I very bad? or I am not aligible for anyone's love? Even my mom dad also hates me.
 I am in very worse mental condition please help me people. I need your comment,plz

Everyone have addiction to something in his daily life, some addiction is beneficial in the treatment of depression,  killing of times, and some addiction enhance the skill of a person. and some addictions kill people.Please beware of those thing   , I have also mine I am addicted to many things but I don't know these are good or bad for me.I take my life as it goes.

First is my DIARY!! I call my diary betest than a best friend, I contains my each and every words of my heart, lots of memories, I write when ever I am in pain, I write what I can't express even to my best friend, I feel pleasure and relax by writing in my diary. Anyone who needs to know me better then read my diary.

My second most addiction is my guitar, though I can't play well , but I can play my feelings with it, I play my guitar When ever I feel lonely, when ever I am depressed.It kills my time as well as fill my loneliness.My guitar is my friend of loneliness.I love it and I love music.

The third addiction is my laptop. its common for today. the internet, facebook, blogging, games, watching bad movies :) blah blah I do with my laptop.Before going to bed I check facebook, and after just awaking in morning i check out facebook, this is how I begin my day everyday.

The forth one is my cellphone.I am addicted more in texting than talking over phone, though it is a cheap cellphone but It matter me most. I had meet accident twice, but still my habit of texting and walking on road did not changed, momma says "TUI KOKHONO SUDHRABI NA BAJAY CHALAY"

The fifth and most addiction is my sweetheart, I cannot live without hear I am addicted and totally crazy about her,well who is not crazy abbout his love? isn't it? . I wish our love will be living forever , always, I don't know which is the longer word. Bless us God!
I was just recalling my memories of Dhanbad. I had stayed 6 years there. You may have heard about Dhanbad probably by Coal capital of the world as it supplies largest amount of coal in the world..

 Well four years back when I was just 16 my days were used to filled with mischievous activities. I always wanted to visit the coal mines and rock hips and to pass lots of time there but did not got such chance. One day  me and my friend manish planned to visit the open coal mine and the highest rock cliff.
So another day we had leave our home early morning and excused our mom that we are going for practice of marshal art. "don't let my mom know about this please" hmm....

Finally we had reached the mines by riding bicycle 3 KM  hiding from many cops and guards. :) We were very mischievous and we use to enjoy the moments after fear.
First we went the open coal mines which was largest and deepest in dhanbad. it's depth was around 400 to 600 feet. It was really scary view. The people down there were looking like group of ants.I was wandering by seeing them, how do they breath down there? do they get proper oxygen? why do they seems not in worry about anything ? and I am dying just by seeing the view and many many more questions were coming in my mind. we were feeling like faint and thought its better to move from there.

Then we planned to climb the cliff of rocks and have a  great view of the city from the top. The hip of rocks were formed by dumping of useless stones years after years from coal mines.It was full of small and huge rocks, nobody goes up there as it don't have any single step-able rock to climb.  It was a real adventure for me, Because the height of cliff was around 150 to 200 feet , also to climb on rocks properly we need boots but we were wearing only sleepers (chappals). If I put my foot on a loose rock or if a rocks slide slightly then the entire rocks will kill us like mountain avalanches. We took complete 30 minutes to climb up there. and finally reached up there.First we took some breath properly and then looked around , wow! our hard labour had worth it. It was a great view of the whole is an memorable part of me I was just pleased  by the look. 
from the top

my bugger look at 16 :)

My friend manish

And you know what we were  great fools! we had thought there is not any way to climb up, but at the back there was an small way from where few people comes to pass time there specially the couples :)

I wish my firiend manish will also read this this article , I know he will laughs a lot after reading it. :)  

Do you like a car should look like adventurous? or want to go to an adventure with a car? then get here to this link 
Today I was leaning at the door of train and suddenly my eyes went towards the sun, looks and feel the amazing beauty of nature. I got this snap at perfect moments when It was touching the horizontal line of the sky and Earth. It really bound us to live, Isn't it?

Just beyond the sunset
someone waits for me
just beyond the sunset
lies my destiny
where the purple mountains
lie in deep tranquility
there I will find treasure
of love eternal.

Just beyond the sunset
Lies a home for me
where the world is peaceful
like a paradise should be
just beyond the sunset 
someday is where you will find me.
by David Harries  

I could not thought that I.3 MP camera of my cellphone Samsung champ will such clearity of images. Photography is my hobby , it came natural in me, so I am not a professional photographer nor an expert in clicking pictures. I am Just a time pass bug in clicking nature beauty!!

Howz this purple and white mixed flower?

the touch me not plants. Which signify that how plants are sensitive.

I don't know its name, see two leaves are joined together,

Hey people, do you remember, what did you cooked for the 1st time in your life? I know it was very ugly like mine. In fact I myself don't know to make other then noodles and coffee.
I always fond to learn how to make aloo paratha, but I didn't get much time to think about it. Today suddenly it came into my mind about Aloo paratha, I got interested that I should prepare right now, but how? so i downloaded a ebook from utorrent, let me dictate how I have made my 1st cook.

I took three bowl of flour and then mashed it with hands, oh sick it was very hard job, my hand were tightened and paining.

then I mashed the potato and added some chopped onions chili powder and some masalas.

now I made two medium size paratha and added the mashed potato in between it, and rolled it slowly in the shape of triangular paratha. and then baked it in high .

and finally accidently I made it yooo.... pappu pass ho gaya re!!!

The mashed potato
hmm keep going kajal :)

The final model :)

yoo!! buddy I made it

A change I want to see.....
Everything in everywhere need a change according to time and condition.Change is something to clear out the old ones and make way for new ones.Every where change is needed for development, for survival, to bring prosperity and growth. We human being also need to change according to the need of our sorrundings but keep in mind the never change the best in you and in your things.

1. Well the changes I want, lets move through myself...I am a dianamic charactered boy, I changes myself according to the condition I needed but sometime I don't care of other.I want to change myself in a diplomatic person, who will take care of both the bad and good, which I don't presently.I am short tempered, so due to this I have lost some important part of my life, and I don't want to loose anything anyone anymore. I have to change myself but I wander how should I bring these changes in me? someone help me please...

2. the second changes that I want to see, lets go through the common masses. I see the people working in the garage, local body builders, local house builders, farmers, nursery  etc. they are practically have gained lots lots of skills but their performance is low, their quality is not good as well as effectivenes and efficiency is low. So why don't goverment give them a little education about their respectetive jobs? like making them understand about efficiency , effectivenes, they will gain some knowledge and earn little more.It will also contribute national income. I know my this thoughts will make you feel little weird,

3. The next change I want to see in the administrator and politics group. Do you know 50 years back politics was a service and now politics has changed to profession? The are authority to development the nation but some leader some top ranking officers are sallowing the nation' I want that every polotical leader and top ranking administrative officers should be interviewed with general public to know his character, ideas, views before handling the power to them. every funds they are using should be shown in a clear transcation.

4. Another very important changes I want to see among the dirty minded people who have exploitation , rape, violation for women. Please remove this disguisting from yours mind. Please try to understand that they are also human like us they have also same feelings same blood like us, we breath in same are and share the same earth to survive, they why you have those dirty feelings for womens? you love your own daughter, you love your wife, you care for your sister but you don't care for other's? how will you feel if someday it passes through your family? Please respect women, love them, be a human not a wild.

5. The another change I want to see is a educated world. lets teach each and every people , specially of the out areas , they just know how to survive, but now lets teach how to live.

6. The last most change came in my mind is about INDIBLOGGER i love this community and really adicted to it. I request to indiblogger team to please provide some blogging software to all bloggers of your community. Like from single place with one click a blogger can post its article in many other community to get some more traffic and rank. I am not saying its indeed, but if possible.

Thanks people for giving time to read this article, like this facebook page

A  beautiful evening of sunshine and breeze, The wonder of nature is forever more and more. What ever I know about nature its a elegant beauty a beauty which bound us to live, a beauty which compel us to live in it. The day again going to end, taking off all the pain, all the sorrows and..We should thanks mother nature for such a beautiful day,  its beauty inspires that tomorrow will be more beauty full than this.
You may had read the poem "A THING OF BEAUTY IS JOY FOREVER" The lines are from the poem.

The evening sky

Dalia flower of my garden

The dalia couple :)

Hello people, I was so exited about making a blog directory and finally made it and title is KJ BLOGGER DIRECTORY .But I need your comments about how should I improve it, what changes I should make, and also your Website and Blog link so that I can add in my directory. 
have a look here is it

Today again I got bored after coming back from school, A thought to do some stupidity with my cellphone, People look at my stupid creativity, 

I drawn it MS. PAINT , howz it?

 My cat, she is so adorable

Found a yellow leave among thousands of greens

 Guess what is it?

 What to have rassgulla party with me? I had today with my friends

So people howz it? don't say bad, it will break my heart :( hmmmm