Finally going back to my campus after spending a nice week at my hometown. OH my God its a journey of 6 hours by bus from tarkeswar to Salboni, I don't know how will I spend these 6 hours, smy lappy is well charged so am thing to write something on my blog.
morning sun, sunrise in morning, nature beauty
A view in morning

Well I spent six days at my cousines marriage, my uncle's house, and also spent 3 days with my special one after complete eight months I really have good time with her with lots of fun and lots of childish jobs :)

sweet moments
A sweet moment with dola
I also went to a village with my brother which is 60 KM far from my hometown. The view of that village has really catch up my eyes. The life of village people is very tough.How they live, how they work, how they eat, their day to day activities are very tough and I think I could not ever able to survive in such condtions. There main livelyhod for the people is daily labour work, agriculture, NREGA jobs (National rural emplyment guarantee act), and some work at construction sites.
indian paddy field, life of villagers

Their daily wages vary from Rs. 75 to Rs. 130 according to work.  NREGA jobs are golden jobs for them because they are sure that they will get 100 days jobs and with minimum wages arround Rs. 150 .  They woke up too early daily at 4:00AM and get out for work at 8 AM and again they comes back to home at 2 :PM .
 I wander how do they work under such boling heat of sun? It is because only to feed their belly and meet their minimum requirment. But they are not frusted with life like us, they are so happy with what they have and what they earn.

My Dad always says that "when you are not happy with your life, when you want something but not geting that, then look at those people who don't have those things which you are having, it will give you a lesson" now I realize that He is right.

do not quit, inspirations

"When things go wrong as they sometime will,
when the road you are trudging seems all uphill,
when the funds are low and the debts are high,
and you want to smile but you have to sigh
when care is pressing you down a bit rest if you must ,
  but don't you dare quit.

life has queue of twists and turns,
as every one of us sometimes learns,
and many a failure turns about,
when he might have own had he stuck it out,
don't give up though the pace seems slow,
you may succeed with another blow."

do not quit, insiprational image

Our life is like a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving

Here are some real life facts may be weird,  must read perhaps I may inspire you.

  • A fake smile can hide millions of tears

  • If you want to kill yourself , then love someone truly, it will kill you every day.

  • For a boy it is easy to pick up his girlfriend of 45 KG, but with the same boy it is difficulty to pick a 14.5 KG gas cylinder.

  • Don’t know what is pain? The love someone truly, you will realize what it is.

  • Life is beauty only for those, who knows to celebrate the pain.

  • If you laughing at others, you are laughing at yourself.

  • When you want to enjoy life, think today is the first day, and if you want to achieve somthing think today is the last day of life.

  • Do what you like and like what you do, its they only way to make yourself happy.

  • No one want to die, even people who want to to heaven don’t want to die to get there. Yet death is the destination we all share, death is very likely the single biggest invention of life. Its life’s change agent.It clears out the old to make way for new one.---Steve Jobs

I have no words to speak today
pain is surrounded my life
sorriness by tension of love 
Getting you was a dream
having you is a surprise
I am lucky to have you
and Never want to loose you.
May be I can't give you much much love
But How much I love you is full of my heart
I don't know what you are for me
But I know you are another life for me.
My destiny lies in you
My happiness lies in you
My dreams are with you
and I just breath for you.
Losing you is my greatest fear
I want you forever my dear
staying far, but my heart is near
I never want to loose you my dear
You loves me 
made me perfect human being
Can’t ever repay the worth of your love
Only can I sacrifice my life for your love.

sorry about my poor english readers....  

painful memory

"My heart drops suddenly 
And breaks into a million sharp pieces 
Pieces that are now digging at my insides, 
Causing tears to come to my eyes 
My mind spins out of control 
I can't breath 
I can't think 
These words I am hearing 
They cannot be true 
There has never been such an unforgivable lie 
My entire being wants to hear you voice 
To know that it isn't so "

"The pain never decreases 
Even after days 
I still remember 
Your smile 
Your voice 
Your touch 
You are my most painful memory"
documents, bank account opening documents

Going to open my first bank account.
Hey people when you had your first bank account? I am going to open I tomorrow. I got the form today. I am not working right now, so what the need of having bank account so soon? Because I wanna save my pocket money there, I can't save the cash in my pocket when ever I see cash in my wallet I feel urgues to spend it, so If I will keep some amount from it in bank it will be safe from my this havit. isn't it?
First I was confused that in which bank will be good for me, I took some banks like State Bank of India, UCO bank, PNB, CITI Bank, kotak, AXIS BANK,
First I selected CITI Bank, but the minimum opening amount required is 2 lakhs so sad :(and also they does not have enough branches arround here so I had to leave it.
Then I took UCO and SBI and I found SBI is economical with minimum opening amount of rs 1,000 and minimum faciliated with a kit of  ATM CUM DEBIT CARD, CHEQUE BOOK,and  INTERNET BANKING. They have largest number of branches arround India.
I am so exited, I got the first cheque from Mginger  of Rs 300 so just waiting to transform into cash. How is my choice people?

My school life is over & now no more school ,every fun is over and I am feeling like that I am missing a part of my life.
My school is just five minutes away from my home so when every morning I can see the students together passing through the road  It makes me remember my sweet memories of school, I can hear the sound of beating drum and I hear "attention" "stanaties" from the orning assembly. 
At those days I used to think school is a part of hell and now I realize it was my golden days of my life. It was my life in which my days used to start with a good morning wishes from momma and ends with goodnight from dad.  I use to leave home at 7:00 AM morning and back at 2:00 PM. I was not having any single problem of my life, I was a free minded bindas boy, I had to worry about nothing just a little worry about school homework for maths and physics which I felt like scraps. and the days were only filled only with my mischievousness.

I miss the silly gossips with friends about the girls, I miss the fighting with friends for seat, I miss the tiffin which we all used to share with each other and oh yes I used to eat tiffin in the classroom hiding from teacher that was fabulos. 
When teachers used ask questions to everyone & How I hide my face behind my frriend and parys to God "Oh God today not me plz" and getting scolded by the hitler and after he leaves the class how we use to abuse him. :).
I think probably everyone had your first cruise at school life. me too had, She was a damn beautiful girl and meschevious like me , She is a regular visitor of my blog so I don't gonna write her name otherwise she will kill me :) I miss the fights with you dear :(

The most terrible day of every students ,is the result declaration day. Its 28th of March for our school. It was the only day in which we every one used to stay calm and pin drop silent. that day we realize what is fear, everyone's faces used to be dry and tensed.
Sometime I pray to God to make me a child again so that I can restart mylife from my childhood again. I would say to every school going people please enjoy the days you wont get back such fun after you leave school. 





Virgin egg

 the purple beauty
nature beauty, purple flower

 A alone plant in alone world
Weird plant

 a stormy evening last week
stormy day, stormy evening, stormy sky

 Morning dew on paddy field
dew on leave, dew, paddy field

how is these?

victory, victory sign, finger sign, victory finger sign

"Unseen luck but still dark but light in wisdom
Unseen luck but still dark but light in wisdom
Unseen luck but still dark but light in wisdom
Unseen luck but still dark but light in wisdom
Victory in the wonderland..."

We all know that Zindagi na milegi duwara (We won't get our life twice) so enjoy it. But some stupid questions always arises in my blank skull.  Do life is always enjoyable? Can we enjoy our life in every situations ? blah blah blah many more..

A friend of mine said to me " Enjoy the life like me yaar, why do you always stick yourself all the day in home? and why your face always like your smile" I had no words to reply her, I was thinking I am really a dumb
Everyone is saying exams over, now enjoy the two months till result will not be declared. But I know how was my exams, I am always in worried from the day the exam ended about Accountancy, wether I will get good marks or get fail. I will not able to breath properly until the result is not declared.  Tell me in such situation how to enjoy ? is it by hitting the chest and say AAL IZ WELL AAL IZ WELL like in 3 Idiots? huh??

Mom Dad always say to go out and freshen up the mind. They want me to go out but they don't want me that I will not mix with my meschevious friends,  so I cannot dissolve myslef with them as they behave, as they do in the streets , I always has to keep a distance from their activities to keep the words of my parents, in this I lack my enjoyment. 

Before I used to think love life is the beautiful part or our life , yeah it is true and it will be only possible when both the people have understandablity. Which is lacking in us.Sometime I think that I am not the perfect boy for her and sometime she herself think that she is not the perfect girl for me, we love each other a lot but still something is missing between us. Love is such a thing which gives an extreme inner happines otherwise it takes aways the extreme inner happines aways, and I am in the second condition, tell how to make myslef happy in this situation? 

People always says Don't expect more, be happy with what you have, But I say, If we don't expect we will not grow, expectation leads to happines , if not fulfilled then leads to sadness. There is always chances of barrier between our expectations , so how and when to expect? what to expect? and how to be happy with what I have? I know after reading this article you will think what a weird boy I am.

Happy New year 1419 to all the Bengali people everywhere in this world.
 Shubho Noboborsho te apnader janai antarik priti o subhechha, notun bochor notun din apnar khusi te vore jaak, Shubho Noboborsho 1419

Notun Suroj
Notrun Pran
Notun Sur
Notun Gan
Notun alloy katuk adhar,
par hoye jao okul pathar,
Katuk bishad Asuk Horso

Last week I visited my village, I love that place for its natural beauty,  damn fresh and green environment, I spend more time at outside than in house, specially around the ponds , garden. If anyone whose village does exists in such place, must visit to freshen up your mood.

I love the view of pond there specially when any bird or ducks swim there, here is a snap of large grasses in between the pond,I had to wet my half of the pant to take this snap, :)

after stormy week a clear sunny day 

water between the bushes

the calotropis at the bank of a pond

Green and green , a view of small paddy field

another cute plant at the bank of pond.

Exams over so tensions over, but worrying about the result will not be over till the bloody result is not declared. After exams I am getting nothing to do just sited whole day in home and getting bored, so I had decided to visit my hometown. Its been six months since I had visited there. My hometown is so special to me because my sweetheart do stay there.

Know what, I always wanted to have an long distance relationship, since I was fond of travelling and visiting new and new places I thought in that I will get chance to travel a long, but I was not knowing that hobby and relationship is east and west. I didn’t know long distance relationship have lot to suffer with pain. It’s not like when we will we will meet, its like when I will get leave from my studies then we will able to meet and when my parents will allow me to go there, then only.

When I see other couples are meeting every day and giving lots of time to each other , I feel sad and unlucky.We can’t  meet every day , just thrice or four times in a year. Damn hard to survive!!
But I am lucky about her love, how much she loves me, she do with full of her heart, full of believe , full of understanding. So still I am lucky. God bless us, I love you my dear......

Photography is always one of my hobby, But I am not an experienced , I am just a time pass buddy who feel nice to click some cool snap of the nature, these all pics are taken by my Samsung champ :) so I call it little photography
A view of our campus

a stormy evening

lamp post

isn't cute?

Last evening we had great fun. After a long time we all had gathered together for a bunch of fun all the way. Thanks to Sirisha for all that , your visit to here  made us all meet together once again.
Here the name of the people Sirisha, punam, kajal, akash, alekh, meghnath, jui, sandhya, rahul, anish and me. My bored mood has really freshened up after meeting with everyone.
And the party was so decent I mean no dangerous stuff like Rum or Vodka  just coke , sprite , fultoose, lays and kurkure. But know what , the party was really missing something special, it was Vodka. Without it party is always incomplete. isn't it? :) 

I think may be this was the last time we all meet together, after couple of day dont’ know where we all be staying. I will miss all these fun. The time two years I had spent with these people is an memorable part of my life and my best place ever in my life. God bless us all. Cheer!
Siri & poo
dats d cute baby

Mr Babun :)
me, bugger :)

party stuff
having fun guys? :)

rahul, megh & me
Oh baby, I missed u :)

I do ask mom dad always about my childhood, my first school, my first class, and many more.
 Today I was searching my birth certificate in my old files and fortunately my eyes went over the my first identity card of first school of my life,

My eyes filled with tears.It was a sweet part of my life a begening of my life with lots of memories. My first school was STEPPING STONE SCHOOL, I don't remember the address but probably I think it is situated in Panchgram, helakandi , of the state Assam!
I studied there for one year only and leaved that place due to transfer of my Dad! He get transfer on every three years. sometime I hate his job the Para Military Force. But I am proud of my dad. You know what due to his transferable job I had to change six school yet. Its a drawback of my study , changing of school , changing of place realy effect the mind and it take much time to adjust with it. More than this loosing of friends is more painful.Those days we were not having any Facebook or twitter to get stay connected hence I also don't have any close friends yet :(.

Well.... know what! I do remember what I did on the first day of my school. My mom leaved from the school gate & the gate keeper closed the gate I little meschivious got angry and started crying and started fighting with other kids like me,I fool was thinking those kids were not leting me to go to my mom. That day every teacher got that One day this boy will be so voilent and they used to see me as am a bad boy. Oh yes I am :) any doubt???

I have a havit to keep my every memorable things properly like my first dairy, my first school stuffs, my first bycycle, my first birthday card, birthday gift from mom and dad, and many more.I have a half room of such things.

Well I think every people have very much affection and attachment with every first things of their life specially like first love, first job, first salary , oops I forgot to mention my first own  earning was $5 from NEOBUX :) HE HE :).
I must say you should also keep such memorable things ,when you look at those sometime it will  work as pain remover from your mind.

My daily routine before and after school life.
Life was so beautiful during my school days , I used to enjoy the every moments in school with friends and frusted teachers.But after Board exams no more school life, Just passing the whole day in home and feeling like more than a jail all the way. My life will be in such way untill the CBSE does not declare the results.

Before My daily routine was-

5:00 AM- Wake up kajal, Goodmorning momma! Goodmorning Daddy!

5:30 AM to 6:30 AM - Study very concentrically 

6:30 AM to 7:00 AM - Brush, and get fresh.

7:00 AM to 7:30 AM- Breakfast and get ready for school.

7:30 AM to 2:00 PM - School.

2:15 PM - Back to home

3:00 PM - Meal

3:30 PM to 4:00 PM - Facebook.

4:30 PM to 6:30 PMTuition

7:00 PM to 10:00 PM - Study and complete homework.

10:15 PM - Dinner with parent.

11:00 PM - Goodnight Sleep tight!!

Now , after school life my daily routine is!!

10:00 AM - Goodmorning momma!! :) (MOM SAYS- Duffer, idiot, get lost!)

10:15 AM - Checking Facebook (Oh shit! 40 notifications! i hv been sleeping)

11:00 AM - Brush,and get fresh.

11:30 AM - Breakfast!

12:00 PM - Facebook!! and plan what to do the whole day.

1:00 PM - Facebook!!! on wall - "Getting bored buddy, get smthing new" !

2:00 PM - Meal

2:30 PM- Sleep!

5:00 PM - Wake up, and planned to go out & wander arround the township!

9:00 PM - Return back home ( Mom- where were you? I was jst here momma at the playground)

11:00 - Dinner

11:30 PM to 12:00 AM - TV (crime petrol)

12:00  AM - everyone is sleeped! getting bored :( thinking to watch naughty film :P

1:00 AM - Again getting bored ( playing Call of the duty modern wars)

2:00 AM - writing in Diary about whole day! 

3:00 AM - Good night!!! again next  

Now I got to know what really mean boring!