After a week

Finally going back to my campus after spending a nice week at my hometown. OH my God its a journey of 6 hours by bus from tarkeswar to Salboni, I don't know how will I spend these 6 hours, smy lappy is well charged so am thing to write something on my blog.
morning sun, sunrise in morning, nature beauty
A view in morning

Well I spent six days at my cousines marriage, my uncle's house, and also spent 3 days with my special one after complete eight months I really have good time with her with lots of fun and lots of childish jobs :)

sweet moments
A sweet moment with dola
I also went to a village with my brother which is 60 KM far from my hometown. The view of that village has really catch up my eyes. The life of village people is very tough.How they live, how they work, how they eat, their day to day activities are very tough and I think I could not ever able to survive in such condtions. There main livelyhod for the people is daily labour work, agriculture, NREGA jobs (National rural emplyment guarantee act), and some work at construction sites.
indian paddy field, life of villagers

Their daily wages vary from Rs. 75 to Rs. 130 according to work.  NREGA jobs are golden jobs for them because they are sure that they will get 100 days jobs and with minimum wages arround Rs. 150 .  They woke up too early daily at 4:00AM and get out for work at 8 AM and again they comes back to home at 2 :PM .
 I wander how do they work under such boling heat of sun? It is because only to feed their belly and meet their minimum requirment. But they are not frusted with life like us, they are so happy with what they have and what they earn.

My Dad always says that "when you are not happy with your life, when you want something but not geting that, then look at those people who don't have those things which you are having, it will give you a lesson" now I realize that He is right.


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