Dwelling love

I have no words to speak today
pain is surrounded my life
sorriness by tension of love 
Getting you was a dream
having you is a surprise
I am lucky to have you
and Never want to loose you.
May be I can't give you much much love
But How much I love you is full of my heart
I don't know what you are for me
But I know you are another life for me.
My destiny lies in you
My happiness lies in you
My dreams are with you
and I just breath for you.
Losing you is my greatest fear
I want you forever my dear
staying far, but my heart is near
I never want to loose you my dear
You loves me 
made me perfect human being
Can’t ever repay the worth of your love
Only can I sacrifice my life for your love.

sorry about my poor english readers....  



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