Few real life facts

Here are some real life facts may be weird,  must read perhaps I may inspire you.

  • A fake smile can hide millions of tears

  • If you want to kill yourself , then love someone truly, it will kill you every day.

  • For a boy it is easy to pick up his girlfriend of 45 KG, but with the same boy it is difficulty to pick a 14.5 KG gas cylinder.

  • Don’t know what is pain? The love someone truly, you will realize what it is.

  • Life is beauty only for those, who knows to celebrate the pain.

  • If you laughing at others, you are laughing at yourself.

  • When you want to enjoy life, think today is the first day, and if you want to achieve somthing think today is the last day of life.

  • Do what you like and like what you do, its they only way to make yourself happy.

  • No one want to die, even people who want to to heaven don’t want to die to get there. Yet death is the destination we all share, death is very likely the single biggest invention of life. Its life’s change agent.It clears out the old to make way for new one.---Steve Jobs


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