Gathered after a long time

Last evening we had great fun. After a long time we all had gathered together for a bunch of fun all the way. Thanks to Sirisha for all that , your visit to here  made us all meet together once again.
Here the name of the people Sirisha, punam, kajal, akash, alekh, meghnath, jui, sandhya, rahul, anish and me. My bored mood has really freshened up after meeting with everyone.
And the party was so decent I mean no dangerous stuff like Rum or Vodka  just coke , sprite , fultoose, lays and kurkure. But know what , the party was really missing something special, it was Vodka. Without it party is always incomplete. isn't it? :) 

I think may be this was the last time we all meet together, after couple of day dont’ know where we all be staying. I will miss all these fun. The time two years I had spent with these people is an memorable part of my life and my best place ever in my life. God bless us all. Cheer!
Siri & poo
dats d cute baby

Mr Babun :)
me, bugger :)

party stuff
having fun guys? :)

rahul, megh & me
Oh baby, I missed u :)


  1. yup siri.... but hey, where r our those pics? upload it on Fb soon.ok!!! thanks 4 drpng down


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