Meeting my dear after six months.

Exams over so tensions over, but worrying about the result will not be over till the bloody result is not declared. After exams I am getting nothing to do just sited whole day in home and getting bored, so I had decided to visit my hometown. Its been six months since I had visited there. My hometown is so special to me because my sweetheart do stay there.

Know what, I always wanted to have an long distance relationship, since I was fond of travelling and visiting new and new places I thought in that I will get chance to travel a long, but I was not knowing that hobby and relationship is east and west. I didn’t know long distance relationship have lot to suffer with pain. It’s not like when we will we will meet, its like when I will get leave from my studies then we will able to meet and when my parents will allow me to go there, then only.

When I see other couples are meeting every day and giving lots of time to each other , I feel sad and unlucky.We can’t  meet every day , just thrice or four times in a year. Damn hard to survive!!
But I am lucky about her love, how much she loves me, she do with full of her heart, full of believe , full of understanding. So still I am lucky. God bless us, I love you my dear......


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