Missing my school days

My school life is over & now no more school ,every fun is over and I am feeling like that I am missing a part of my life.
My school is just five minutes away from my home so when every morning I can see the students together passing through the road  It makes me remember my sweet memories of school, I can hear the sound of beating drum and I hear "attention" "stanaties" from the orning assembly. 
At those days I used to think school is a part of hell and now I realize it was my golden days of my life. It was my life in which my days used to start with a good morning wishes from momma and ends with goodnight from dad.  I use to leave home at 7:00 AM morning and back at 2:00 PM. I was not having any single problem of my life, I was a free minded bindas boy, I had to worry about nothing just a little worry about school homework for maths and physics which I felt like scraps. and the days were only filled only with my mischievousness.

I miss the silly gossips with friends about the girls, I miss the fighting with friends for seat, I miss the tiffin which we all used to share with each other and oh yes I used to eat tiffin in the classroom hiding from teacher that was fabulos. 
When teachers used ask questions to everyone & How I hide my face behind my frriend and parys to God "Oh God today not me plz" and getting scolded by the hitler and after he leaves the class how we use to abuse him. :).
I think probably everyone had your first cruise at school life. me too had, She was a damn beautiful girl and meschevious like me , She is a regular visitor of my blog so I don't gonna write her name otherwise she will kill me :) I miss the fights with you dear :(

The most terrible day of every students ,is the result declaration day. Its 28th of March for our school. It was the only day in which we every one used to stay calm and pin drop silent. that day we realize what is fear, everyone's faces used to be dry and tensed.
Sometime I pray to God to make me a child again so that I can restart mylife from my childhood again. I would say to every school going people please enjoy the days you wont get back such fun after you leave school. 






  1. really , same thing happened with me... :(

    1. really bro :( those were the best days ever...

      bdw thanks for dropping your comments here :)

  2. heyy i too am a kv student!! nice collection! :)

  3. I am missing my school to and my friends::::::::::@@@@@@@::::/:
    Thanks bro .........

  4. I miss u my friends and my school days................... :(

  5. I will also miss my school life....
    As my school life is going to end this year.....
    Feeling very Sad.....

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  7. I got tears in my eyes by reading this.. missing my school day !!!


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