My first school of my life

I do ask mom dad always about my childhood, my first school, my first class, and many more.
 Today I was searching my birth certificate in my old files and fortunately my eyes went over the my first identity card of first school of my life,

My eyes filled with tears.It was a sweet part of my life a begening of my life with lots of memories. My first school was STEPPING STONE SCHOOL, I don't remember the address but probably I think it is situated in Panchgram, helakandi , of the state Assam!
I studied there for one year only and leaved that place due to transfer of my Dad! He get transfer on every three years. sometime I hate his job the Para Military Force. But I am proud of my dad. You know what due to his transferable job I had to change six school yet. Its a drawback of my study , changing of school , changing of place realy effect the mind and it take much time to adjust with it. More than this loosing of friends is more painful.Those days we were not having any Facebook or twitter to get stay connected hence I also don't have any close friends yet :(.

Well.... know what! I do remember what I did on the first day of my school. My mom leaved from the school gate & the gate keeper closed the gate I little meschivious got angry and started crying and started fighting with other kids like me,I fool was thinking those kids were not leting me to go to my mom. That day every teacher got that One day this boy will be so voilent and they used to see me as am a bad boy. Oh yes I am :) any doubt???

I have a havit to keep my every memorable things properly like my first dairy, my first school stuffs, my first bycycle, my first birthday card, birthday gift from mom and dad, and many more.I have a half room of such things.

Well I think every people have very much affection and attachment with every first things of their life specially like first love, first job, first salary , oops I forgot to mention my first own  earning was $5 from NEOBUX :) HE HE :).
I must say you should also keep such memorable things ,when you look at those sometime it will  work as pain remover from your mind.


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