Puffy eyes , Black circles, sleepless nights from last 20 days due to tension of bloody exam results. So leaving all these worries behind and going out for few days to chill myself. I don't know what gonna happen after result, what will be my marks yuck! its killer time.

I don't know when CBSE is going to publish the result I hope probably at the end of this month.
Well I am going to visit my birth place tomorrow (Mahanad, Hooghly) as I have not visited there for more than a year, after that I gonna visit  kolkata (kolkata serological) for my check up :-) I hope to have  great time this week with my childhood friends there.
But I will miss my computer, my blogs and the whole internet, but I will always be worried about my exam result. Wish me good luck for it please, I really need it.

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Is this global warming or change in weather pattern or something else? it is really boiling temperature around every where. The usually maximan day temperature during summer in our state (West Bengal) were 30, 34 and maximum 37 last year but this year it has been crossed to 42 deg Celsius, and more bad is that there is no sign of rain from last two months. So feeling like to get inside deep freedze and chill. I always think we have facilities like AC, Coolers, 24 hours electricity supply , Freedze for chilled water to keep ourself  safe from this killing summer , but people who don't have, how they are dealing with? how they are surviving ? at our township 4 people died in last two weeks because of this summer and they were heart and asthma patient.it is sad to hear :-(

I always wonder about the end of world , a lots of sign is coming and telling us that the world is going to face some danger. some signs are random train accidents, plane crashes , natural hazards like earth quake etc has shocked the world all the way. Due to increase in global temperature polar ice is melting and sea level is increasing which is a bad sign for our coming generations. 

Well summer is fun also we got a long holidays from school but feeling very bored, because nothing to do to pass the time other than watching tv and playing pc games. So I have changed my little habits to enjoy and to beat this summer. 
A coke a day is must, feeling thirsty ? then come with me I have full of coca cola 200 ml bottles in my freedze it is my favourite way to chill myself and because indeed we need to keep ourself cool this summer.

You know lassi? my favourite milky drink from my childhood. and light breakfast in morning and it should be full fruits, 3 four pieces of cake and water. isn't good for summer? I use to take omlet every morning but from last few days I am not feeling good with that.And my daily mint drink is leamon water with mint leaves ,it is so good for health in summer. and in evening me and my friends gang stay outside upto 9 PM to enjoy the cool breeze. That is my daliy life summer funda.

you should too drink more and more water as you can, keep and eye on your die and don't eat oily foods in this summer, have fresh salads, fruits , juices, as much you can.
So how you are beating this summer? 

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Hi people , after thinking a lot finally I thought to blog for you all , I gonna launch my new blog its all about love, people's love story, Inspiration for young couple like us,  if you want to share your love story with the world then please email me your story at kumarkajal6@gmail.com  and you can also send me your photos if you wish. I will publish your story in my blog .

May be someday your story can help somebody who are really in need of suggestion and help regarding his/her love to understand. This will help people to understand how other manage themself along with love, how other care for their love most than anything else. 
perhaps It will also help the broken hearts to erase a bit of pain. If your story will help anybody a bit then it will be more than gratefull to you. I am waiting for your emails people.!

RESULT, expression on result day, students on result day, exam result
My nights are going sleepless, 
my days are going
So I asked GOD, "is this love?". 
GOD replied, "no dear, result is near

Days are going on like useless and result day is coming near and near, how badly I have passed the days after the month of March I know well just like a complete boredom.
I had well planned before exam that when the board exams will be finished I will be completely free for two months and in that two month I will learn something new like java programming, simple system programming etc.
But every time I tried to concerntrate with books, I don't know where my mind use to be, I  use to lost my complete concerntration and start to think about about the result day that"who will be the result? what grade will I get? I will be pass in Accountancy or not? What will happen if I fail? will my parents be happy? how I will handle myself if I will be fail?" blah blah and many other question used to eat up my mind. This is how I have passed the April and May.

And finally the day I use to worried about is not now a nightmare , it is complete near. The CBSE will announce the result on web around 23rd or 24th of May , I am very nervous and sleepless night.  Among five subject Accountancy , Business Studieis , Economics, English Core and Informatics Practices , the Acoountancy paper went worse so I am worried about that too much. God help me please Don't know what to do now.

My wishes and few words for students like me.
I Wish you all the best for the result and have a great success ahead God bless you all. 
Well the result day is a day which matter something most important in every students life specially the matriculation result and intermediate result which matter every hardwork you done in your last ten and twelve years. Those who get good grade they feel like flying over heaven obiusly its a most happiest and saddest day for us.

 And those who get bad grade feel like hell of hell. And in this situation such students get depressed , feel like to commit sucide , they think they did not made their parent happy blah blah.
Please don't do such foolish activities because I don't think the rerult worth more than your life? or do you think that the result worth more than you?   Do you remeber the stories of a "spider and the king " that we had studied in third or fourth class? keep try or just give a onemore try.
I know parents really have great expectance from their kids and they will realy feel worse , feel yourself guilty but also promise them that you will be something in your life. 
Only college degrees in not important for jobs and higher education , the thing is the skill, if you want to accure the skill then there is lots of certificate courses available , you can do from there.
Don't feel depressed and feel worse than everyone, know what life always take hard exam and changes the track, and you should not choose the track wher life takes you, but you should choose the track where you want your life to be. So if one way is closed then there  more hundreds ways are opened but always choose the right track. 

And yes whatever comes in our way , whatever battle we are ragging , we always have a choice, always choose to be the best of yourself, it is the choice that make you  who  are you and you can always choose to do what is right.
Don't quit 

Today luckily  I woke up early at 5:00 AM and got to see these beauty of mother earth, I wonder that I miss this beauty everyday as I usually wake up at 8:00 AM , How is these snaps of today's morning?

sun shine, morning sunshine


morning bloom, morning flower

my diary, dear diary, hand written diary

I had never written with fountain pen, so today I thought to buy one fountain pen, I went to the shop just to ask how much is the price coz I was not having money in my pocket, first they shown me normal camel fountain pen and price range was around Rs 30 to Rs 55. It was fit to my budget , but suddenly they shown me a ROYAL CROCO NERO DILE fountain pen,

Wow! My eyes were frezed and I put my hand in my pocket, Oops! I was having only Rs 15 :-) , and the prixe of the pen was Rs 300. I wanted to get that pen any how, so I requested him “Uncle please don’t sell the pen to anyone else please please I ma just coming after few minutes”
I went back home and steal 3 hundred rupees notes from mom’s purse and went back! Actually I love to write in my dearest diary.

"Every closed eye is not sleeping, 

and every open eye is not seeing"

Divorce, the end of marriage, love marriage, arrange marriage
Today I was gossiping with Amit uncle, he is dad’s friends and a divorce lawer, in between our gossips I suddenly asked him “Uncle according to you, why do people divorce and in love or arrange marriage divorce rate is higher?

He replied “Of course beta , love marriage now a days” I was stubborned for some moments and after few minutes he gave me a large lecture about causes of divorce! See below.
The most common reason are cheating spouse, lack of mutual understanding between the couples. Look behind a decade ,you will understand what is true love, what is caring , what is mutual undestanding and responsiblities between the couples, they were in such a joy of life , they use to sort out every problem themselves.

To become a perfect couple both should be mutual understanding in nature and in any case they both can manage any situation in the life and only divorce like situation could not happens, this is one kind of analysis.
But things has changed a lot, now a days People are in blindly in love, I don’t know these are love , attraction or fashion due to which people could not find true love. But I know still true love is exists but it is rare to find.   When a person is in love , for him/her everything is good and having lots of expectation from each other, but things are very different after marriage, they expect the same stuff after marriage, but when they are unable to cope up with that, a lot of stress, trouble, illegal love affairs arise, which is not a good sign of healthy relation. As if the things go worse they think of getting ride of each other instead of thinking how to sortout the situation.They show their real character after marriage. I think if love is blind then marriage is eye opener.

In arrange marriage both are unknown to each other, they don’t know what are his and her like/dislikes, they never been together and entered into a new life, hence their love grow slowly and exists lifetime. But in some cases both the couple can’t cope with each other may be due to his/her character, cheating, family reasons, mis understanding etc which leads to divorce.
In my view love marriage will  be more succesful  if someone have found true love, if they both have mutual understanding and cope with each other and will give most value to their relation than anything else.
Wheteher in love marriage or arrange marriage, to build a happy life without any situation like divorce one should try to give much time to improve the love, maintain good family relation, and mutual understanding between wife and husband.

So this was his lecture (My God! I will never ask him anything! ) :-)
It will be really fun to enjoy this summer with keyra! Summer holidays are the longest holidays of the year , our school is closed for 50 days for summer vaccation! Yupi its time to have fun and enjoy the summer.  But Health comes first before entertainment, as we need some special care of our health and skin in this summer.     
  •                 Time to take care                                                                                                                                                                                        I am not a health expert nor a skin specialist , but I am going to tell you some tips which me and my family do to take care of health and skin during outing in summer.
  • Drink lemon water with a teaspoon of honey in the morning , you can also add some mint leaves. it is a great extract to make you feel fresh whole day.  It will keep your skin hydrate,  and glowing skin. It also improve the digestive system.
  • Drink plenty of water in summer to keep hydrate your skin.
  • Wear sunglasses to protect your delicate eyes from harful rays of sun.
  • During summer add liquid and fluid foods in your diet rather than dry foods. Liquid such as juices contains large amount antioxidants. Orange juice, watermelon juice and cucumber juice is ideal.
  • Whenever you are on outing carry a glucose water bottle, take some sip of glucose water after couple of moments, it will help you to hold on your stamina and make you feel active.
  • The most important! Don’t forget to apply sunscreen lotion with SPF 30+ (Sun protection Formula) on the exposed body parts such as face, neck, arms etc.
  • During summer the hair becomes frizzy dusky, so don’t forget to apply conditioner every day to have healthy hair.
  • Always wear loose cloths during period  of hot weather.


Now its fun time.
Summer holidays are too long to pass and if we just sit in home we will feel complete bored all the way. It’s the time to do as your wish to enjoy the moments. The things I want to do this summer are.

  • Relax at beach – Oh yeah!  This is an fantastic idea for this summer, take an coke and just relax at sea beach. This year I want to go out with my friends at Panaji.
  • Photography- It is an best time to intend ones hobby, Photography is my best est hobby after blogging, I got couple of days to click some snap of nature, wildlife, as I am fond of nature very much.
  • Playing guitar in a silent an calm place- I want to enjoy my instrument with nature, Now daily in morning I go to our city park and play my guitar.In morning nobody presents there.
  • Shopping- Hmm I hope everyone loves this to do, I love to roam around the malls and it kills lots of time.
  • Rejuvenated in Kerala- I always think to visit Kerala and get Rejuvenated with the water and Ayurveda Massage, I should visit there at least once.
Things I want to do this summer

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Tribute to mother from the core of my heart

Mummy I love you so,
when you walk through the door you make me glow,
you are my mummy you gave me life,
you help me when I am in strife!

Mummy this poem I wrote for you,
you helped me write it though you didn't have a clue,
your my mummy you protect me day and night,
that is why you're such a delight.

Mummy i love you and could never live without you!

birthday cake, cake model, my birthday cake, tips for birthday cake
My this post is for thanks giving from the core of my heart who have make my birthday so special yesterday. Thanks to Mom and Dad for bringing me into this beautyful world, what and whatever I am its because of you, I can ever fill the worth you have done for me. I love you momma and Daddy and Happy birthday to mom also because this was the day when you became mother after giving birth to me Muumm! 

Thanks to My Dola for making my birthday more cheerful. A special thanks to rakhi di for calling from far apart from cape town to wish me all the way, thanks to Lata, sangita di, jayanti, meghnath, anamika, namrata for the best wishes.

I came into this world on this day twenty years ago , sometime I think birthday seems like I am loosing one more year from my life isn't it? I don't ever imagine how I have passed this twenty years of my life, whatever but I have enjoyed my  life and much happy with it. I wish I shall always smile like now. 
I dont't know where my life will take me on, what is my future, but everyday every morning gives me a new hope to live, gives me an inner desire to do something , 
inter on mobile, internet is fun on mobile

I am glad to tell everybody that I have using internet via my cellphone when I was not having my dekstop. Internet is an another world for me where I spend most of my time in between daily busy life, I have found internet a very mode of learning and a true entertaining place. 

Well said.. lets go to my history , where I have learnt a good life lesson from internet community site. You might have heard about m.Frenze.com its a social networking wapsite, When I was 16 I use to chat on that site, there I meet a girl and after chatting with her for some days I was feeling like I am in love with that girl( I was not knowing a s h i t of love that time :) ) , I was a newbie on internet so I was not aware about fake profiles, so what happend? She was not a girl it was a fake profile of a boy :) I got a good lesson that day. Thank God

I had never thought that mobile phone will bring such revolution in the field of communications, mobile phones has completely changed the face of communications  in recent few years with development of advance technology. Now we can do almost all internet activities with our mobile phones that we use to do in the idiot box (computer). From online banking, shopping, sending emails, photosharing, live chatting, watching online movies etc and many more.

My mobile and the internet is my best friend because it kills my time and fill my lonliness, I get my every doubt and every question cleared with the help of internet, whenever I got any doubt I just pick up my cellphone and post the questions in online forums. 
 Now a days I don't feel bored in my school and I don't bunk the boring classes, when I feel bored I just pickup my mobile and connects to internet hiding under the desk and started to chat, then I takes the sleepy faces of my classmate and share on my facebook wall quickly and the real masti starts :)  how easy to share pictures now right?
Now I don't donwload everysongs and fill my memory card, I lisent to the songs online before downloading it, this helps me to filter the boring buzzing songs!
Also I enjoys online apps such as mbuzz, nimbuzz, ebuddy, yahoo mobile, facebook mobile etc to connect with the friends arround thw world, 

My mobile is also full with online gaming apps from gameslof, rockstar games etc, these apps are really faboulos, I enjoy the most playing online games other doing anything on my mobilephone. I am also fond of wapsite for downloading games, software, wallpapers, tunes etc. Another more than important thing is Google it is an handy internet tools.
I don't want to watch television any more to watch a movie and wait 15 minutes for ads after every 10 minutes, I just search what I need in Youtube including live cricket matches online. So enjoying the 3G service on full. This is how internet and mobile is my entertainment world and my bestest friend. I have experienced GPRS, EDGE & 3G, now waiting like greedy to have a taste of 4G. 

Mobile and Internet is no more communications, it has become a madatory tools for every person arround the globe, and now a days mobilephones are coming with fully loaded apps, updates software and much more utilities, the inventions of new internet technology such as GPRS, EDGE, 3G & 4G has brought new craze in the internet.  so techoligically advanced people are getting much fun from this services, and other people are also fulfilling the requirments of internet activities according their need , as every service is available on mobile internet. That is why mobile phones and internet are becoming friend for every people.

I love Vodafone and its services www.vodafone.in/fun

I have added both black and white and color of each snap, so which one is looking better ?

Childhood is our best and golden part of our life. I always wonder how innocent and sweet the days were, when we didn't had to care about real world things that we care about right now.We had not to worry about anything, even we didn't knew what is life and what we are living for.

If I get a chance to get back to my those days I will cure all the mistakes I have did in mychildhood.To think of my childhood was my scape during pressured moments in life, wishing if only I could have a day to be a little again free from real responsiblity and lots of preassure. 

Well I think who does'nt want to be a child again?I am trying to recollect my childhood memories and how much I used to enjoy those younger  inocence days, I am missing all those tension free days,  Now days are jsut passing without much thing happening, as we grow old we realize our foolish things done in younger dats and how we could correct all those silly unwanted things if we are given one more chance to live life , but in reality we can't get back the life we have lived before, this idea comes out during desperate point in life, but then if we keep coming back from where we start, we hardly arrive or may be never. Life is a process as it is, even in our childhood we are not free from our worries and preassure, the thing is not much is expected to us but as we grow up responsiblity also grow up in number that make us feel preassure and worry,

 I am too small or my brain is not matured enough to say this, but I will say that is why in every challanges we need to learn from it, because next steps might be challange can be challanges. Life could never life without mistakes , mistakes is what that taste bitter but make us prepeared and aware about sweetest tomorrow.

I would like to again say , each moment have to be enjoyed as if it is our last as day once passed will not come back. Memories are the only thing which remain us with everytime and it is nice to recollect all our golden memories of past days when we are alone here.