Higher divorce rate in love marriage or arrange marriage?

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Today I was gossiping with Amit uncle, he is dad’s friends and a divorce lawer, in between our gossips I suddenly asked him “Uncle according to you, why do people divorce and in love or arrange marriage divorce rate is higher?

He replied “Of course beta , love marriage now a days” I was stubborned for some moments and after few minutes he gave me a large lecture about causes of divorce! See below.
The most common reason are cheating spouse, lack of mutual understanding between the couples. Look behind a decade ,you will understand what is true love, what is caring , what is mutual undestanding and responsiblities between the couples, they were in such a joy of life , they use to sort out every problem themselves.

To become a perfect couple both should be mutual understanding in nature and in any case they both can manage any situation in the life and only divorce like situation could not happens, this is one kind of analysis.
But things has changed a lot, now a days People are in blindly in love, I don’t know these are love , attraction or fashion due to which people could not find true love. But I know still true love is exists but it is rare to find.   When a person is in love , for him/her everything is good and having lots of expectation from each other, but things are very different after marriage, they expect the same stuff after marriage, but when they are unable to cope up with that, a lot of stress, trouble, illegal love affairs arise, which is not a good sign of healthy relation. As if the things go worse they think of getting ride of each other instead of thinking how to sortout the situation.They show their real character after marriage. I think if love is blind then marriage is eye opener.

In arrange marriage both are unknown to each other, they don’t know what are his and her like/dislikes, they never been together and entered into a new life, hence their love grow slowly and exists lifetime. But in some cases both the couple can’t cope with each other may be due to his/her character, cheating, family reasons, mis understanding etc which leads to divorce.
In my view love marriage will  be more succesful  if someone have found true love, if they both have mutual understanding and cope with each other and will give most value to their relation than anything else.
Wheteher in love marriage or arrange marriage, to build a happy life without any situation like divorce one should try to give much time to improve the love, maintain good family relation, and mutual understanding between wife and husband.

So this was his lecture (My God! I will never ask him anything! ) :-)


  1. hahaha... Someone told me that the real cause of divorce is marriage... if you don't marry you need not worry about divorce right?! Probably Sardar Montek will ask us to follow this to bring the divorce rate down...

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  3. I believe love marriage with parents approval and blessing - people can make in life, above all God's will and blessing. Problems come in life but people should try their best to stay in love and marriage. Counseling after divorce may help but counseling before marriage that is premarital counseling will really help couple.People learn about communication skills, conflict resolution skills and few other things under premarital counseling. it will really help couple. Kajal you can even try and suggest people.... :)

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  5. Eloquently composed and well thoroughly considered.


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