"Sweetheart, do you know
How I use to wait for you?

It’s like a sea,
Who waits for the river
To flow down into her heart,
Just to fulfill its hunger.

It’s like a skylark,
Who flies into the sky
Just for some few drops of rain water,
To quench it’s thirst.

It’s like a bride,
Who waits for the bridegroom
To take her away to her new home,
Just to fulfill her dreams.

It’s like a street beggar
Who begs for the food
To rear its family,
Just to live for some few days.

But I?
I use to wait for you,
Only to hear your voice
That prevents my tear,
That falls from my eyes and mind."

Submitted By Abhisek Mishra
This poem is written by my friend, on behalf of his love, she is bad ill and missing her all the way. My wishes for her to get well soon as possible. I hope the bond between you two will strengthen more and more as the days goes on. As you said, I have taken enough care of your poem as much I can, I shared with the world for her best wishes... :) 

I have won a castrol Indiblogger Tshirt at castrol biking contest at indiblogger but I have not received it yet.. This is the second time  I have won runner up prize @Indiblogger.   It is the 5th try  on 5th contest here and won twice he he :P. Know what the runnerup prizes of indiblogger is more faboulous than the 1st and 2nd prizes. Such as McDonalds cupons (yummmi), watches, tshirts, mugs, bags and blah blah, these are all essential items which I need, so I am always greedy about the runnerup prizes.

Well 1st I had won at Masterchef India 2 contest here, I did write that article without any care, and I had got surprise! When I saw I had won a mug! Then I got inspired and stared to care a blogging a little bit. Now give a try at almost every contest here and some other sites. Thank you Indiblogger team, your every contests insipres every blogger here to write. Winning is not the matter, the thing is inspiration to write which enhance the skill of writing on different topics.

After suffering from a bundle of tension, finally yesterday I got the form and pospectus and I have decided to get admission to BCA course @ Institute of Science and Technology Chandrakona, West Bengal.
Know what from my childhood I always wanted to build my career in the field of IT and I think my dreams are going to be true after few years. I wanted to persue Btech CSE but after my 10th I had to take commerce stream so I lost the chance to enter in the world of science. But I didn’t give up, I still have a chance by persuing B.C.A (Bachelor of Computer Application) then M.C.A after that If I get chance I will do Mtech then my dream will be fullfilled. I have asked to many people, they said B.C.A is just a graduation degree with computer and it is outdated course. But I have seen new syllabus of B.C.A under WBUT, it is totally core programming orinted and I would love to study these. Well I just pray to God to fulfill my dreams..
A part of my life is passed and now a new life is going to begin after few more days it’s the “COLLEGE LIFE”  so I am waiting for those days like hungry beast. I wanna start this life in a new way but I know I can’t enjoy these days like I did in my school days. Missing my school and days a lot.

I was so busy this week and I could not  have find time for blogging but still  managed to do my bugger photography. So howz these snaps below?

See, how beauty of nature enhance after rain

The white beauty, rain drops on its petals, I love this flower

The purple one

Which plant is this?

mother's love, mother day, maa ki pyar, poems for mother

I got this awesome poem from Facebook, whoever it is written is awesome and it touched my heart. So I thought to share with you all.

Ek kavita har maa k naam!
"Ghutno se rengte rengte
Kab pairoon par khada hua
Teri mamta ki chhao mein
Janay kab bada hua
Kala tika doodh malai
Aaj bhi sab kuch waisa hai
Mein hi mein hun haar jagha
Pyar ye tera kaisa hai?
Sidha sadha bhola bhala
Mein hi sabse accha hun
Maa, mein aaj bhi tera baccha hun"

Photo credits- Google
Poem credits - Facebook

Poor people, Poor Indian people, Poor people sleeping, sleeping at road side

From last 10 days I have been wondering from one college to another in search of admission in B.C.A(H). I went to some government colleges and some private colleges for admission query.  I had also given C.E.T of some colleges. 
In government colleges they said they have limited seats for BCA around 60 seats which have been filled soon after declaration of state board exams , I am late because I have not recieved my original marksheet yet from CBSE.

Then I went to some private colleges like NSHM, Usha Martin Accedemy, Techno group etc. they are ready to give me admission in BCA(h) but their fees structure is too high arround 2,80,000 to 3,50,000 , which is a big deal for middle class family like us.
Since I was in commerce stream in my +2 but I don't have any intened to persue B.com or B.B.A , I have always dreamed to built my career in the I.T field. I have planned when I was in 10th that I will do my graduation(IT) in normal college and if my marks will be good in graduation then I can say to my mom and dad that I will do my higher studies like M.C.A, MBA in good colleges. But now the situation is different and I will have to forget my dreams and persue such degree which will fit my pocket. It is not good that they invest all the more than half of their salary in my studies, there are lots of family circumstances which should also needed to be handled not only my studies. I have to think from every side. 

sometime I think why don't government and centarl bank look at the Bank loan rates? The banks are giving personal loans @6% to 7%  per anum, car loan @8% per anum , house loan @9.5% per anum and education loan @ 11% to 12% per anum. Is the rate of education loan fair? I don't think so. Government must think about it atleast a bit.
Well, now I am confused that what to do which course will I persue that will be good for me other than B.C.A. ? 
Oops I forgot to thanks my friend Meghnath , he had also suffered the whole week with me in this killing hot climate. He went to every place along with me and he have also took me to  some colleges also to seek admission. Thanks for all that you did for me. 



Since after board exams After approx three months ,today  Me and my friend meghnath went to  went to school to meet with the teachers ,dear juniors and to see our class rooms , the last benches where we had spent our most sweetest time of our life.
The school is on summer vacction for 50 days so I did not able to meet with every one, just with three teachers and our principal madam!.

As normally for we human beings that when we have the things we can't understand its value but when it goes away then we understand it , such way Now I actually understand what is school life , at that time we just use to think a boring place where we have to stay from 8:00AM to 2:00 PM but now  I miss it like I am missing an important part of my life.
  I miss those lunch break when we use to share our tiffins , I miss writing the names of strict teachers on the bathroom's wall, I miss the flirts with the girls of our class. When teacher use to ask question I hide my face behind my friends,  I miss the silly gossips about the girls inside bathroom, When teacher use to say Get out dammit! we use to wait to hear this word to get out of the boring class.

I saw the benches where we had written our names is still there, thanks God nobody has erased it and some names on the bathroom wall :-) When I was leaving I felt like I have a great attachment with this place. Well whatever today I have refreshed my sweet school memories and I will keep visiting my school if I will be in nearby. I would say you should also visit your school if you will get time, you will feel more better than anything else and it will refresh your memories.

our class room
our class room

Our class room
class room

me and meghnath
School is a place where we all dhakkans (buggers) are transformed into human beings.
I got these snaps from recent visit to my village.. howz  these?

early morning

I had a great week from 27th May to 3rd June, I was out of campus to meet my relatives. Good news is that I am passed in CBSE XII with 60% Marks,  it is below my expectation but still I am happy with what I have got.
Well on 27th May I went to my home town Mahanad (Hooghly) , it is my birth place and I had stayed there upto 5 years of my age so I am attached to Mahanad very much, Whenever I go there I enjoy its natural beauty, it is full of green every where and hence I got some time to do my bugger photography.
 I spent three dyas there and went to Neyal , 30 KM away from Mahand. it is the home of my aunty and uncles and enjoyed a lot with them. The enjoyable thing is that it is a village and their house is situated near paddy field and in the time of night cool breezes refreshes the mind. I use to sleep outside in night to enjoy the natural air. then after three days I went to Nabagram , there is the house of my grand maa,  its a large village and the people there are so good and friendly.
sun set, sun rise
On 31st May I had an appoinment with doctor at kolkata but could not go due to strike of India and all that. And when I called them to fix date for another appoinment date , they told it would be on 30th of June sigh! rather it would be good to consult with some local doctor, and I hate all these strike!
Now the real tension begin , its all about admission in college. I want to persue B.C.A so I have applied at 3 colleges and I don't know in merit list there would be my name or not. If anyone know good colleges for B.C.A  with in West Bengal state , then please inform me. at kumarkajal6@gmail.com

Nabagram, hooghly