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This is my 1st try of quotes background creation , so how is it?
Today at morning, two of my classmates came to my house and ask me to copy him all of our school's photos of last two years, I think I have more than 600 photos :) , then I thought just simply copy the pics to his pen drive would be silly idea, why don't I make a video clips with these photographs, I will be more attractive and emotional too. Hence I created the title of the clip "Memories of Kendriya Vidyalaya Salboni"

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and this?


People say that time is too fast and it don’t wait for anyone, but I think time is at its place as where is it but life is too fast and too short than anything and everything in life passes so quick.
 Well now I am 20, but how I have passed these twenty years or 7,300 days I can’t remember, it is just like I started going to nursarry school and eventually I reached to college.
My childhood were full of nicess moments as well as I enjoyed it too, arround different part of this nation. My dad is in Central Force, so he use to get transferred to different places after every three years and hence me and my momma too has to go along with him, I enjoyed a lot staying at new and new places in a new enviornment , new people and new friends, but on the other hand it also affacted my studies,because it use to be really hard and tough time for me as a small kid to adjust myself in a new school with new friends and new education enviornment. And know what? I had to change five school since from L.K.G to class XII. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that, I have collection of some of my childhood stuffs as memories like my 1st identity card of L.KG. my 1st school bag , my 1st pencil box etc, When I see those stuffs I kinda feel like to go back into those days again.

I studied  L.K.G and U.K.G at Stepping Stone School, Panchgram,Helakandi (Assam),  then Class I and II at Mount Ascent Convent School, Pandua (West Bengal), then class III to IV at St. Michale Convent School , Pandaveswar (West Bengal), then class V at D.A.V Public School ECL Pandaveswar, after that class VI to X at D.A.V Public School , Kusunda, Dhanbad jharkhand, after that I completed my schooling life , I mean class XI and XII in commerce stream at Kendriya Vidyalaya RBNM Salboni, Midnapore West Bengal.  In  my matriculation I did have got 67% I was intrested in science but could not get because of my low marks, It was my bad time or my bad fortune whatever you say. This year I took admission at College for B.C.A   as I was always intrested in technical education related to computer and future plan is MCA then Mtech. I hope my dreams will be fulfilled soon.

Life gave me different challenges, taught me different real life facts from different incidents, childhood were those days when I had nothing to worry about now, today and tomorrow, only has to worry about homework of schools J I just use to enjoy those days with lots of love from momma and daddy that now I can’t do like that. Responsiblities and tensions are growing up along with my age, sometime I hate growing up and pray to God to “send me back to those days again and I will do my homework daily, I will be lovely and charming  to everyone ,I wanna restart my life in a new way”. But one thing I have learnt after getting out of school life is that life is not written on fortune , life is what you will make it.

1st identity card, school memories stuff
my identity card, when I was in L.K.G :)


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"A lot to live
A lot to do
A lot to achieve
but, life is too short..
So, do achieve today
Because, what is tomorrow?
no one knows.."

hey! somehow I wrote these few lines , and I don't know its bad or inspirational 

I was eagerly waiting to read this book from last few months but could not find any way to purchse it, as I stay at Mint campus which is far apart from the main town, that’s why no courier services are availabe here. Before , I tried to purchase this book at many other online store like homeshop18, indiaplza, naptool etc , but they could not send me because lack of courier service in our area accept SPEED POST (govt.). Thank you for shipping throught speed post.
 I heard about this book long ago, since then I was waiting, and can’t wait any more to start reading read. Its written by a very energetic aurthor of some topselling books. I will write more after reading this book fully.

if you want to read you can buy it from here

Happy fool!

Vrooooooom!...... sorry my digital diary , I was quite busy from last month that’s why I did not wrote anything here. I was out for four days to see my uncle and aunty at my home town, the are near 60, 70 and their health is not well. And ofcourse I also had to meet dolon. I went there last month with my mom and dad , that time they were fine and healthy, I think they kinda suffering from colera , because unhygenic water of monson, their health is going down and down , may be because of their age. Two months age my aunt has opereated her left eye for a simple surgey, and from then her health is going down.

Well I reached there at mid afternoon and evening after whole day journey by bus. Next day I cooked khicdi for them and unfortunately it became yummi :) , and after that the hours are quite boring there because, there is nothing for entertainment and no one is there of my age, well that was not a big deal, actually I don’t know how to suit myself in every enviornment, how to live the life and how to enjoy every moments of my life, that’s thje big deal.

I had also to meet dolon, so next day I went to her house with my cousine sister, well one thing I should tell that, don’t be in long distance relationship, as you can’t meet him/her daily and is painfull and killing thinking about her every time.  L I hugged her so tightly, that is the cutepie of my life, then we had great fights and a long gossips, after that we went to a river bank and spent some nicces moments then we had lunch together. That was an awesome day among those four days.
banana leaf, meal on banana leaf
Have you ever tried it? meal on banana leaf its yumii and  nature fresh

tarkeswar hooghly, tarkeswar bus stand
Busy bus stand of Tarkeswar

Chalte Chalte :)

Me : wicked Buffalo , returning to home after a full day journey :) 

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"It really mean, isn't it? Relation can be any type, but bound the relation in such way , that it will never break." 

"Don't break any ones' trust, it is easy to trust anyone with some kind words, but if once trust is broken, one can't re trust you with those kind words "

"What to say about pain of hear, there are much more people which is much experienced from pain of heart. I will just say don't break someone's heart when he/she is truly in love , you can't feel that untill you suffer from that situation......"

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Today my day had begin with a good start with the freshness of morning after a long ago. I usually don’t get up at early morning atleast not before 7:30 AM, I use to get scolded everyday from Mom and Dad for this, but today I realised I missed such preety things from a long ago.
I did wake up today at 4:30 to pulk some flowers for “puja” and realized that , Mom dad was right, I did missed such morning beauty from a long time, the freshness of morning is amazing and plesant, morning is the time when nature blooms and show its real beauty.
So, I took my bicycle and roamed around the whole township and chilled my mind.

 I must say to everyone whoever is still in bed like me, don’t be a looser like me , wake up , get freshened with morning nacture’s beauty , because each morning teach us a new lesson, it give us a new hope and says that we are still healthy alive we have a lots of things to do ahead. 

"God didn't promise days without pain,
laughter without sorrow, sun without rain,
but He did promise strength for the day,
comfort for the tears, and light for the way."

So goodmorning to my every readers!!  have a nice day.

love, painful love, the more you will hurt me the more i will love you, cute doll, cute love doll
The more you will hurt me, the more will I love you. 
Look at her eyes , what is she saying?  "I won't care how much you hurts me, I just care how much I love you, I see love in your rudeness , That's why the more you hurts me, the more I start loving you. But never hurt me more than I love you.

"The time will come when I'll be free from this heart you have on me
When you hurt me more than I love you
You'll pay for every time I've cried just as soon as I decide
That you've hurt me more than I love you
Maybe mine next heartache will be the final one
Cause maybe I won't love you when it's done
It may not take but one more pain just one more might make the change
If you hurt me more than I love you"

unity is strength, cats
Unity is strength 
I may be not a Human with a genius brain, I may not a giant animal , yes I am an animal , a pussy cat, but when we unite you can't beat us. Even the weak become strong when they are united  , then why don't we?

"There’s a proverb 
'United we stand divided we fall'
Ten’s sticks together unbreakable
Can be broken easily if given to all.

Wind easily blows the dust 
But cannot move the rock; 
Birds trapped in net, united, 
Along with net, flew the flock.

As well, If people are united
For valid and right cause, 
There can't be any reason
Their efforts will pause."
                                      by-- S.D. Tiwari

It was a great pleasant morning today , it was raining here since 5AM and I opened my windows to get some fresh morning air. suddenly  my eyes got over the leaves of the papaya tree, something was shining like pearl , I rubbed my eyes and look at it properly, OMG! it was rain drops..... I wish I would have a good megapixel camera to catch that scene more clearly. I took all these photographs with my 1.3 MP Samsung camera phone. 

rain drops, papaya leaves, life, rain drops on leaves

rain drops on leaves, rain drops, pearl on leaves, nature dew

dew on leaves, rain drops


I rarely get comments on my blog post, as I know that my posts are not attractive , but whenever I see there is a comment on my post, I makes me happier more than anything.

I well I came into blogsphere when I was just 15, when I was not actually knowing that what is blog and blogging. I just knew it’s a money making methods, as I was just crazy about making money online, so I did joined many PTC sites and posted those referral banners to get some referral under me, even I got more excited when I knew about Google Adsense. I applied fifteen times with fifteen different blogs and got rejected fifteen times LOLZ! Because every things was copied :P . After getting kicked off for fifteen times finally I thought now I will write whatever I can of my own, I will not copy anything from any other websites and created this blog and so I titled it “MY LIFE MY DAYS MY WORDS” and yes Google worth the honest work, they apceted me J congo buddy congo J

I know my posts are not good and helpful that, anyone will learn something. I always try to write something new and whatever it comes from my inside, I still check every day that wether I got any comment on my blog post or not, I wait to see a comment like a hungry begger who has not eated anything since a week J , when I see yes! There I got a comment, I feel extreme happy.
I have asked many of my blogging friends that . what is your happiest part in blogging? I got many answers like “When I complete writing a post” , “When I get likes on the Facebook fan page”, “When I see a follower has increased”, “When I get inspiring comment on the post” and blah blah, so what is yours’ happiest moment in blogging?

Today in morning , I went to market without locking the main door I thought mom will lock it as she was working in kitchen but she forgot to lock it and I don’t know when a cat came iside the house. She was smelling so bad and her back left leg was full of wounds , I think she was bitten by Dogs.  I can’t look at that. She was not in the condition that I will put some medecines and bandage it, her leg was totaly badly sowllen and smelling like a decomposed body.  It is good for her to die rather than dying in such pain.
I was feeling sad for her, but mom was getting angry over me because the whole was smelling badly. Finally I thought to put her out of house inside the jungle. I put her on a plastic sheet carefully and took her to the jungle. I think she is dead yet. :-(.
I know she was trying to escape from dogs to save herself and to save herself from that pain of wounds, but we human being are selfish we just do what is benificial for us, and I did that selfishness instead of helping her. What if it was a human in the place of that cat, then there would have present a crowd to help him.  But today what I did I had to do, but I am feeling sorry because she is a living being.

cat, sad cat, pussy, sad pussy